How to Contact Customer Service

By Corbin HartwickUpdated on March 16, 2022

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Need help with Match? Have a question about your account, or have another issue that you want to ask a customer service representative about?

In this article, we’ll show you the ways you can get in touch with Match customer support.

4 ways to contact

1. Call the Match customer service phone number to speak to a representative about your issue.

You can reach Match customer service by calling 1-800-926-2824.

2. Send an email to Match customer care to ask them for help.

Get in touch with Match by sending an email to

3. Submit your question through’s online help center.

To access Match’s online Help Center, go to in your web browser.

Then, click Help at the bottom of the screen.

Match Help button

Click the Email Us button on the right to access this screen. Once you’ve entered all your information, click Send.

Email a question to Match

4. If you want to ask for dating advice, submit a question to Match’s online advice magazine.

You can find the question submission page for Match’s online magazine here.

Ask for advice on the Match online magazine

3 tips for contacting customer service

1. Try your best to be patient when dealing with a representative from Match customer support.

Keep in mind that Match customer service probably gets tons of messages, calls, questions, and emails from other people like you, so you might have to wait a while to speak to someone. Try your best to be patient – it’s not their fault if they’re slow to respond.

2. See if you can figure out a solution to your issue yourself using’s online self-help system.

Check out the help center on to see if you can find information about your issue in their FAQ section. You might be able to solve your issue faster this way than trying to speak to a representative from Match. Help Center

3. Reach out to Match on their social media pages, like Facebook or Twitter, to get a faster response.

If you post a public message to Match on their Twitter or Facebook pages, you may get a response quicker than if you try emailing them or submitting a question online. This is because when your message is public, it looks bad on them if they don’t respond and help their customers. This is a good option if you need help quickly.

That wraps up our tutorial and tips for contacting Match customer service. If you’re not enjoying Match and want to delete your account, you can learn how by reading our tutorial on how to delete Match. If you’re thinking about switching to another online dating site, check out our article on’s top competitors.