Corbin Hartwick

Corbin Hartwick

Writer and Editor

Corbin’s Experience & Background

Corbin has been with Tech Life Unity since the beginning of its founding in 2015, and was its very first writer. He built the library of courses and tutorials from the ground up, and has stuck around to continue contributing well-researched, quality content to the TLU website.

Corbin has covered almost every topic imaginable for an online tech how-to writer, and is an expert at teaching tech & Internet basics, eBay & Amazon tips, travel booking, online games, and social media. He has also contributed to other writing projects as well, specializing in topics including geospatial data, data privacy, financial compliance & AML software, and KYB compliance.

Corbin has a Master of Arts degree in Communications & New Media from McMaster University, and loves using the skills he learned there to critically research and investigate every topic he writes about, while integrating his love of writing and technology.

Corbin on Tech Life Unity

“I developed an interest in digital technology and its capabilities from an early age. As I went through school, though, I realized that many people were going to be left behind in the digital revolution -- that is, unless seemingly-complex concepts could be broken down into terms simple enough that people wouldn't be afraid to try using the stuff. The Tech Life Unity project has given me a chance to do that while applying my interests in technology, research, and writing."

Tech Life Unity Guides Written: 450+

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