About Us

What is Tech Life Unity?

Tech Life Unity is a free-to-use educational website that teaches technology users of all ages and skill levels how to use technology, especially the most popular websites, apps, and online tools. We provide clear, easy-to-understand instructions in online tutorials on our website, and in videos on our YouTube channel. We try to help solve problems related to using technology, helping you make the most of the online services you use.

As our name suggests, we aim to provide a link between technology and life, so you can integrate websites, apps, tools, and services seamlessly into your everyday life, and continue to use them without hassle. We are dedicated to doing thorough research and providing the best information possible so you don’t have to look elsewhere for answers.

We are a small team dedicated to the concept of UNITY in all aspects of our lives, but as we’ve successfully run our website (the former Techboomers.com) since 2015, we have a lot of experience helping our users and digital literacy partners solve their common tech issues.

Tech Life Unity is here to help you unite technology with your everyday life.

Meet the Team

Steve Black


Former professional poker player Steve Black came up with the idea for Tech Life Unity as one of his many entrepreneurial endeavors when he was looking for a new challenge. After helping his parents learn how to use Facebook in 2013, he realized there were no reliable websites with quality, up-to-date tutorials that help everyday technology users navigate constantly changing apps that have become necessary as part of their daily lives. Formerly ‘Techboomers’, Tech Life Unity aims to do just that - create easy-to-understand instructional content that the everyday user can understand to better unify technology in their life.

You can often find Steve hiking, perfecting his breathwork practice, and dominating his friends playing Catan. TLU is currently Steve’s main project…until the next one!

Steve on LinkedIn

Corbin Hartwick

Senior SEO Content Creator

Corbin Hartwick has been with Tech Life Unity since the very beginning. He helped write all of the original tutorials, courses, and most important how-to guides. Corbin helped build Tech Life Unity into what it is today.

Corbin has a Master of Arts degree in Communications & New Media from McMaster University. He loves to use the skills he learned there to critically research and investigate every topic he writes about, while integrating his love of writing and technology.

When not writing for Tech Life Unity and other projects, Corbin enjoys watching sports, cartoons, and stand-up comedy. He’s also an avid video gamer, and often rides his bike along the trails around his home.

Corbin on LinkedIn

Jessica Reghelini

Video Strategist & YouTube Manager

After finishing her undergraduate degree in English & Linguistics at the University of Toronto, Jessica Reghelini joined TLU in 2016 to help build and grow our YouTube channel - a channel that grew to over 218,000,000 views and 663,000 subscribers in 2024.

Jessica does all our original video creation including topic research, script writing, voice recording, editing, publishing, YouTube analytics - she does it all! She also helps with creative image design, and occasionally dabbles in some writing.

In her free time you’ll find Jessica listening to Taylor Swift, curled up on the couch with her cat watching a reality show, or taking a walk along the beach with her husband.

Jessica on LinkedIn

Kay Fleury

Head of Content & Strategy

Kay Fleury joined TLU in 2016 to help create more content as the website was growing. She quickly adopted a love for SEO and marketing, and helped build out the content team for all of TLU’s endeavors.

Affectionately donned as the “Kaymander” by her teammates because she’s always getting stuff done, Kay manages the content team for TLU and all its side projects, and helps make sure everything is running smoothly.

Don’t threaten Kay with a long walk, a drink at the pub, a board game, or a swim (in any body of water) - she’ll be there for hours!

Kay on LinkedIn

Matt Rederer

Senior Content Writer & SEO Specialist

Matt Rederer joined TLU in 2019 to help out with the growing needs of our side projects and to help with SEO writing. An English & History major, Matt quickly fell in love with the writing as well as the SEO.

Matt currently still does a bit of writing, but mainly takes care of a lot of SEO tasks, content management, project management with our clients, managing writers, and analytics.

Matt recently moved to Prince Edward Island, Canada to enjoy the island lifestyle that’s well suited for him, and you’re just as likely to find Matt playing Fortnite as you are playing golf.

Matt on LinkedIn

Sharon Chien

Senior Full Stack Developer

Sharon Chien joined the TLU team in 2019 as a Developer to help build our internal website builder (that Tech Life Unity is currently running on!).

Sharon is an expert at solving problems, and she brings that energy to TLU every day, and built an amazing tool completely custom to our needs so we could have the website exactly as we wanted it. Years of her hard work and dedication have gone into our platform.

Sharon loves food and will hike mountains to forage for wild foods and go to sea for some fresh ingredients. Otherwise, she is a complete homebody who is the most content being at home tending to the garden and whipping up goodies for her family.

Sharon on LinkedIn

Shelby Machado

SEO Content Creator

Shelby Machado is the newest addition to the Tech Life Unity team, and joined just before our website relaunch to create more and more content to help more and more TLU users.

Shelby has a diploma and background in administration, and she gets to apply her creative problem solving skills to finding the answers to TLU questions, and providing them in the clearest way possible. She also loves creative writing, but is happy to turn to a more instructional lens for all our TLU users.

Shelby has 2 adorable kitties - Sophie & Clarence - and dabbles in as many hobbies as possible including baking, learning languages (Japanese & American Sign Language), Illustrating, playing the violin, and a little coding for video games…she loves to learn and looks forward to helping others learn too.

Shelby on LinkedIn