How To Support Tech Life Unity

What does Tech Life Unity do, and why do you do it that way?

At Tech Life Unity, we believe that everyone should have the chance to learn how they can use digital technology to make their lives easier (or more fun!), whether they're young or old, tech-savvy or not. As part of that vision, we believe that barriers to digital technology learning materials should be as low as possible. That's why we deliver our content to you in non-technical, easy-to-understand language. It's also why a growing number of our lessons and informational articles are available to you in both text and audio/video format, to accommodate different learning styles.

Most importantly, we make sure that you can access our resources regardless of your financial circumstances. Similar digital technology training resources sometimes require paying money to access, mostly through time-limited subscription plans or per-course fees. Not us. Since day one, we have pledged to make all of our courses, lessons, and informational articles available to you 100% free-of-charge.

With that said, while it doesn't cost money for you to access Tech Life Unity's content, it still costs money for us to make it. Not only do we have to pay our talented team of writers, editors, marketers, and technical people, but we also have to take care of recurring expenses for some of the tools that we use. We even have to pay money just to keep our website on the Internet!

So if Tech Life Unity's content is free to access, then how do you pay the bills?

Many websites earn money by selling spaces on their pages to Internet marketers, who then display banner advertisements in these spots. At Tech Life Unity, we've experimented with this revenue model, but it hasn't really been the best fit. The biggest problem that we've had with it is that it clutters up our website, making for a more distracting and less enjoyable experience for you, the user. So we've tried to limit banner advertising space on our website as much as possible.

Our new primary method of making money is through affiliate advertising. With this model, whenever you (or any of our users) click a link on to go to a website that sells goods or services, and then buy something there, we get paid if we have an affiliate partnership with that website. Usually, we make somewhere between 4% and 8% of the total sale price of any sale that one of our affiliate partners makes because someone discovered their website through

On pages where we might have affiliate partners, you'll see this text: "Tech Life Unity independently reviews everything we recommend. When you buy something after clicking on a link to another website, we may earn a commission. Learn More"

If you're worried that this means you'll be paying extra money for goods and services from websites that you find through, don't be. Affiliate advertising has no effect on the price that you pay for anything that you buy through it. The company making the sale pays us the advertising commission fees in full.

And, of course, you aren't obligated to buy anything from any of our affiliate advertising partners that you find through You're still in control of whether or not you want to visit those websites, or purchase any of their goods or services. Just know that spending money on websites that you find through helps to keep us running, too!

Could you give me an example of how affiliate advertising works in practice?

Sure! Let's say that you're currently on, viewing our article on what Amazon is and how it works. You're curious to know what the website of this general online marketplace looks like, so you click the link to near the top of the article (as shown in the screenshot below). The link takes you to the home page, but because it's specially coded, it also signals to that you made your way there through

Now, let's say that you have some familiarity with how e-commerce websites like work. As such, you manage to find and purchase four books on that you want to read, each priced at $25. Since has tracked the fact that the link that led you there came from, Amazon has to pay us an advertising commission for the sale - let's say 6%. Therefore, since the total sale price is $100, Amazon pays us $6 and keeps the other $94.

Wait... doesn't this mean that Tech Life Unity will be biased in favour of its affiliate advertising partners?

Not at all! At Tech Life Unity, our top priority is making sure that you can be as safe and informed as possible when exploring the Internet and learning how to use digital technology through To that end, we proudly and fiercely maintain editorial independence from the companies whose products or services we feature, regardless of whether or not we earn affiliate advertising revenue from them. We also update our article constantly to ensure all websites we feature are working, and are still great for our users. We do, in some cases, have sponsored partners who pay us to feature content about them in some of our articles or courses, however, they are all still subject to the stringent and impartial review process that we apply to all content on, as we describe below.

We independently test each website and app that we feature, critically examining its core advantages and disadvantages from a user's standpoint. We also include additional lessons and informational articles in each course surrounding any major safety, privacy, or security issues with a particular website or app. These articles also always include advice on how to protect yourself against common problems that you may encounter when using the website or app. Finally, we provide a list of alternative products or services that you can use if you are unsatisfied with the one that we have featured.

What should I do if I have further questions about Tech Life Unity's affiliate advertising practices, or about other ways to support Tech Life Unity?

You can reach us by sending an email to We'll be happy to answer any inquiries that you have to the best of our ability.

This page was last updated on May 23, 2024.