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Watch the video below to learn all of the ways Tech Life Unity (formerly Techboomers) helps digital literacy organizations and tech trainers teach their technology to their learners:

Where to Link to

Here are some ideas for places where you can put a link to our website:

  • Homepage: Link to us right on your homepage! It'll be hard for people to miss us!
  • Menu Link: Make our website an option in your menu, under a category like "Online Resources” “Recommended Websites” or "Our Partners"!
  • Footer: Put a link to us in the footer of your website -- we understand that you want your own content to be the focus, but we'd appreciate any exposure that you can afford us!
  • Resource pages: Add Tech Life Unity to any of your resource pages like “Computer Training”, “Digital Literacy Resources”, “eLearning Websites” or any other resources pages you think make sense!
  • Write a blog post: If you really like us, write a blog post about us, and put a link to our website in it!