Is Safe, Legit, and Worth It?

By Corbin HartwickUpdated on March 16, 2022

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Now that we’ve shared with you what is and how it works, your next thought might be whether or not Match is safe to use. In this article, we’ll cover all the information you need to know about the safety and legitimacy of the service, and whether it’s worth paying for.

Is safe?

Yes, is safe to use for online dating. The service runs background checks to weed out those people that shouldn’t be using their services. As long as you’re careful not to reveal too much information, and don’t meet anyone in person unless you trust them, you’ll be just fine.

Is legit?

Yes, Match is definitely legitimate. Match has been around since 1993, making it one of the oldest and most well-established online dating services available. Millions of people like you have used Match and successfully started long-term relationships – maybe you’ll be next!

Is worth it?

If you’re serious about trying to find love online, then purchasing a paid subscription may be worth it for you. Paying for a premium membership subscription gives you access to all the additional features of the website and will give you a better online dating experience overall.

If you’re serious about finding love with online dating, Match is a proven resource, but you will need to pay. You simply need to decide if you’re ready for a serious commitment, or if you’d rather take your chances with free dating apps that don’t make as many compatible matches.

To learn more about the cost of Match, check out our article here.

4 Match safety tips

1. Be cautious about what information you put on your public profile.

Your profile is visible to other Match users, so be careful what personal information you reveal. Don’t post anything about your finances, your home address, etc. that could allow someone with bad intentions to steal your information.

2. Get to know your matches before going on a date with them.

You shouldn’t meet up with anyone you meet on Match without really getting to know them first. Take things slowly and talk to your matches before agreeing to meet them in person.

3. If one of your matches behaves suspiciously, cut off contact with them and report them.

Nobody should be asking for your personal or financial information. If someone asks for this type of information, or is bothering you with unwanted messages, cut off contact with them and report them to Match.

4. Let a friend know where you’re going when you meet one of your matches for the first time.

Cell phone in hand

​Just in case something happens to go wrong, you should always make sure someone you know is aware of where you are and who you’re with when you meet someone from Match in person for the first time. Request that your first few dates be in public places, so you won’t be alone with someone you don’t know very well.

That’s all you need to know about how safe, legit, and worth it is. If you’re ready to get started, check out the rest of our free course (here) to learn how to sign up for Match, how’s matching system works, how to communicate on Match, and more!