How to Reset Your Facebook Password

By Corbin HartwickUpdated on May 29, 2020

If you forgot your Facebook password, you can recover it by identifying your account, then having Facebook send you a special code over email or text message. Here’s how to get it back.

To reset your Facebook password:

1. Go to in your web browser.

2. Under the “Password” box, click Forgot Your Password?

3. On the next screen, click in the box beside the envelope and type in the email address, phone number, user name, or full name associated with your Facebook account. Then click Search to have Facebook look for your account.

4. Facebook will come up with a list of accounts whose information matches what you searched for. Click This Is My Account beside the one that you recognize as yours.

5. On the next screen, you can choose how you want Facebook to send you a code that will let you reset your password. Facebook can either send you an email or a text message (if you have registered a phone number with Facebook). Click the button beside the option that you want to use, and then click Continue.

6. In this case, I chose to have an email sent to me to reset my password. If you did, too, log into your email account and open the email titled “Somebody Requested a New Password for your Facebook Account”. Write down the six-digit code that appears within it, and type it into the box highlighted in the screen shown below. Then click Continue.

(HINT: If you chose to receive your code by email, you can also click Click Here to Change Your Password or Change Password directly within the email itself to get to the next step.)

7. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter a new password and a copy of it. It must be different from any other passwords that you’ve already used. Click in the boxes labelled “New Password” and “Confirm Password” and type your new password into each of them. If you suspect that someone else might be using your account, click the check box here to mark it; this will have Facebook close all currently open sessions of your account when your password is changed. Then click Continue.

That’s about it! You can now use your Facebook account again with your new password! Be sure to write your new password down so that you won’t forget it, and store it someplace safe!

In fact, you may want to consider using a password manager to keep track of your passwords from now on. See our What is a Password Manager article to learn about what password managers are, and what you can do with them.