Matt Rederer

Matt Rederer

Writer and Editor

Matt’s Experience & Background

Matt joined Tech Life Unity in 2019, and has helped contribute many articles both to TLU, and our side projects. He’s our internal expert on health & wellness, video calling, and online shopping, and he specializes in a variety of other topics including geospatial data, health tech, finance & financial compliance tech, AML compliance, & KYB/KYC compliance.

Matt is also an SEO Specialist, and has many SEO skills that help contribute to his content creation. He also has experience managing content writers & workflows, often editing content for others just as often as he’s writing his own, and has a very keen understanding of and ability to hone in on what would make the best piece of content for each piece he’s working on.

Matt has a Master of Arts degree in English Language & Literature, and loves that he gets to incorporate writing and reading into his everyday life and work with Tech Life Unity.

Tech Life Unity Guides Written: 70+

Tech Life Unity Guides Edited: 20+

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