9 Japanese Websites like Amazon to Find Everything You Need

By Matt RedererUpdated on April 22, 2022

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Even before Amazon entered the Japanese market, online shopping had made a strong footing in the country with local companies taking the lead. As Japanese consumers are known to be very brand loyal, shopping on Amazon came with building trust and making sure it is a reliable and safe marketplace.

In this article, we’ll cover the top Amazon alternatives in Japan.

What is covered in this article

Let us look at what Japanese Amazon competitor marketplaces have to offer.

3 Amazon alternatives in Japan with free shipping

Who doesn’t love free shipping? While online marketplaces know how much their customers enjoy this benefit, there are only a few who can afford to waive this cost from their shoppers’ bills.

1. Rakuten

Rakuten homepage

Image credit: Rakuten

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Home | Electronics | Grocery | Books | Toys & Games | Beauty

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English | Japanese

Best Feature: Shoppers can collect points to use for other Rakuten services

Rakuten is a global brand that offers shopping, mobile plans, travel packages, and investment opportunities. Unlike Amazon which is like a ‘vending machine experience’, Rakuten offers a ‘shopping mall experience’, giving merchants an online platform to sell their products.

2. Muji

Muji homepage

Image credit: Muji

What They Sell: Clothing | Home | Beauty | Office | Grocery

Ships To: Japan

Languages: English | Japanese

Best Feature: Save 5% on bulk buying items

Muji is a reputed Japanese brand for clothing, household goods, and food products with more than 1,000 stores across the world. With a minimalist style in their product design, Muji products are geared towards being simple, resource-saving, and nature-oriented.


TAKASKI homepage

Image Credit: TAKASKI

What They Sell: Beauty | Grocery | Health | Home | Entertainment | Books

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English

Best Feature: 3-5 free samples included with every order

Takaski only sells 100% Japanese-made products worldwide from their warehouse in Tokyo. Their blog page attracts several readers to learn more about Japanese products and the Japanese lifestyle.

3 Amazon alternatives in Japan with international shipping

With international shipping facilities, customers across the world can gain access to locally made Japanese products. If that sounds like you, check out the following online marketplaces to shop from.

4. Ubuy

Ubuy homepage

Image credit: Ubuy

What They Sell: Clothing | Home | Electronics | Beauty | Sports | Outdoors | Toys & Games

Ships To: Japan

Languages: English | Japanese

Best Feature: Spin the Wheel for a chance at special deals and savings

Ubuy offers an international shopping experience to its Japanese audience with a wide selection of top branded products. Shoppers from the USA, UK, China, Hong Kong, and Korea have access to their local Ubuy e-commerce platforms to shop from.


ZOZOTOWN homepage

Image credit: ZOZOTOWN

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Beauty | Sports | Pets | Books | Electronics

Ships To: Japan

Languages: English | Japanese

Best Feature: Next day shipping

ZOZOTOWN is a fashion and lifestyle online marketplace listing over 8,000+ brands. With this, customers can use multiple brand coupons in one transaction, helping them save on their shopping. For international shipping, customers can shop on Buyee.

6. Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands homepage

Image credit: Tokyu Hands

What They Sell: Grocery | Home | Office | Jewelry | Toys & Games | Tools

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English | Japanese | Chinese | Thai

Best Feature: Search from other buyers’ favorite products

Tokyu Hands is a lifestyle shopping platform with multiple physical storefronts in Japan. Customers sign up for the Hands Club membership for free, earn and redeem points with every purchase to make the most of their shopping experience. Through their ‘Experience-based content’ section, customers can sign up for workshops, book a professional staff’s time to shop online and find exciting DIY ideas.

3 other Amazon alternatives that serve Japan

If you still haven’t found the marketplace of your choice, then you can check out the following homegrown brands that exclusively ship their products across Japan.

7. au PAY

Wowma homepage

Image credit: au PAY

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Electronics | Home | Sports | Entertainment | Toys & Games | Grocery

Ships To: Japan

Languages: English | Japanese

Best Feature: Customers can shop conveniently using the au PAY Market app

au PAY is a Japanese e-commerce platform that offers free shipping within the country on many of its products. Customers can always find great bargains and discounts when shopping for their everyday essentials.

8. Qoo10

Qoo10 homepage

Image Credit: Qoo10

What They Sell: Clothing | Beauty | Grocery | Health | Entertainment | Books | Home | Electronics

Ships To: Japan

Languages: English | Japanese

Best Feature: Bestseller products can be found under ‘Ranking’

As a part of the eBay group, Qoo10 is a popular e-commerce shopping platform that lists all the top brands of the world and gives their customers the option to shop directly from eBay as well. Customers can also register to the Q Lounge and win daily points and a chance to win coupons that they can apply to their purchases.

9. Kakaku

Kakaku homepage

Image credit: Kakaku

What They Sell: Electronics | Clothing | Books | Jewelry | Sports | Beauty | Insurance

Ships To: Japan

Languages: English | Japanese

Best Feature: Find trending and best-selling products on the homepage

Kakaku is more than just an e-commerce marketplace, giving its customers the option to purchase services like funeral arrangements, spoken English classes, and remodeling services for their homes. Shoppers can also get the latest scoop on product news, reviews, and links to external websites to source their information.

We hope you were able to find a Japanese website like Amazon to search for your favorite products online. But if you still want to shop on Amazon and are looking for a detailed course on Amazon, we’ve got you covered!