How to Delete Your Coursera Account

By Corbin HartwickUpdated on March 9, 2022

How to Delete a Coursera Account header

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Do you want to close the book on Coursera? Perhaps you’d like to spend your study time with one of the websites like Coursera that we mentioned. If so, then you can delete your Coursera account. Unfortunately, however, you cannot do so on your own. You need to have Coursera customer service do it for you.

So, to delete your Coursera account:

1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

2. Go to this link in order to contact Coursera customer service directly.

3. Click the drop-down menu labelled “I Have a Problem With:” and select My Account or Logging In. Then, click the drop-down menu that appears labelled “More Information:” and select I Want to Deactivate My Account.

Deleting your Coursera account

More information will appear on what will happen when you delete your Coursera account, and some things that you can try as an alternative to completely deactivating your Coursera account. If you still want to go ahead with closing down your Coursera account, click I Still Need Help.

4. A form will appear that will allow you to input the details of your service request. You’ve already indicated what your issue is, so simply click in the box labelled “Message” and type in your request to have your account deleted (and maybe some information about your account and why you want to delete it, to help Coursera customer service find it faster and get a bit of valuable feedback in the process). When you’re finished, click Submit.

Contacting Coursera customer service

Hopefully, Coursera customer service will get back to you quickly and work with you to get your account deleted. That’s about all there is to closing your Coursera account!