The Quora App

By Corbin HartwickUpdated on March 17, 2022

In our last lesson, we showed you how to use Quora to ask and answer questions, and interact with answers to questions that have already been asked. But did you know that you can take your pursuit of knowledge on Quora with you on your mobile device wherever you go? We’ll show you how to do it in this lesson on how to download and install the Quora app.

(NOTE: These instructions are for mobile devices running the Google Android operating system. The process may differ slightly on devices running the Apple iOS operating system, such as iPads and iPhones; we’ll give you cues as to when that might be the case.)

To download and install the Quora app:

1. Turn on your mobile device, whether that’s your tablet computer or your smart phone. Find the Play Store in your application manager, and tap it to launch it. (On iOS devices, this will be called the App Store.)

How to access the app store in order to download Quora

2. Tap the search bar in the top-middle (or top-right corner, on iOS devices) of the screen and use your device’s (virtual) keyboard to type in “quora”. You should see a list of suggestions appear; tap the one that says “quora”. As you can see here, on Android devices, the Quora logo will appear beside the result to help guide you.

How to find the Quora app in the app store

3. Once you find the Quora app, tap Install to begin the process of downloading and installing it. (On iOS devices, you may have to tap Get first, and then tap Install when it appears.)

How to begin installing the Quora app

(NOTE: You may be asked to log into your Google or Apple account before you install the Quora app. Do so if you need to, but if you can skip it or back out, that’s okay. The Quora app is free to download and use!)

4. You will be informed of the different functions on your device that the Quora app may need to use. If you’re okay with it doing so, tap Accept.

How to give the Quora app permissions on your device

5. The Quora app will begin downloading and installing on your device. When it finishes, you can tap Open to launch it.

How to launch the newly-downloaded Quora app from the app store

From then on, you can launch it by finding the Quora app in your device’s application manager and tapping it.

How to launch the Quora app from the app manager on your device

From here, using the Quora app is pretty similar to using the website: set up an account, tell Quora what you want to know (and already know), find or ask the questions that matter to you (and see how other Quora users have answered them), or answer a question that you know something about!