13 Chinese Sites Like Amazon to Find the Best Products

By Matt RedererUpdated on April 8, 2022

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As one of the largest ecommerce markets, China has a wide selection of products and retailers that can be found online. While Amazon is the big dog when it comes to online shopping, you can find great deals and a wider selection of products on some of the leading Chinese sites like Amazon.

What is covered in this article

Keep reading if you are looking for a new online marketplace in China to find everything you need.

2 leading Chinese Amazon competitors

When it comes to Chinese competitors to Amazon, there are a couple that stand out above the rest based on their robust catalog of products and service area.

Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group is one of the first names that comes to mind, with services catering to both the B2B and traditional customer audience. Alibaba, serving the B2B customers, carries an impressive list of suppliers for products in every major category. Their B2C arm, AliExpress, carries a wide range of products, shipping to over 200 countries worldwide.

Let’s look at both in detail:

1. AliExpress

AliExpress homepage

Image credit: AliExpress

What They Sell: Clothing | Electronics | Office | Jewelry | Home | Toys & Games | Sports | Beauty | Automotive

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: Multiple languages

Best Feature: Along with site-wide discounts, there are additional coupons that shoppers can apply when they go to the product page

Has Subscription: No

AliExpress is the B2C arm of the Alibaba Group that ships products across the world. With the convenience of shopping through the AliExpress app, customers can find great savings, deals, and a wide range of products to shop for.

2. Alibaba

Alibaba homepage

Image credit: Alibaba

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Sports | Automotive | Garden | | Industrial | Home | Electronics

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: Multiple languages

Best Feature: Businesses can choose suppliers by region

Has Subscription: No

Often referred to as the ‘Amazon of China’, Alibaba is one of the largest B2B wholesale marketplaces in the world. With multiple suppliers in every major category, businesses can connect with sales representatives to negotiate and customize their orders according to their needs.

5 multilingual Amazon alternatives in China

As the manufacturing capital of the world, Chinese products are supplied to businesses everywhere. To cater to buyers from different regions who speak different languages, the following websites are multilingual, enabling international access to these online retailers and making communication easy.

3. LightInTheBox

LightInTheBox homepage

Image credit: LightInTheBox

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Home | Sports | Outdoor | Garden

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: Multiple languages

Best Feature: LightInTheBox app shoppers automatically get a 10% discount

Has Subscription: No

LightInTheBox is an online global retail marketplace that started its operations in 2007. LightInTheBox runs on a data-driven approach that allows shoppers to customize products at scale for optimal marketing, merchandising, and fulfillment.

4. Banggood

Banggood homepage

Image Credit: Banggood

What They Sell: Clothing | Electronics | Jewelry | Industrial | Garden | Home | Office

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: Multiple languages

Best Feature: New users get free gifts and a $2 allowance to shop on the site

Has Subscription: No

Banggood is a global B2C online retailer with over 66+ million registered users. With over a million products across 30 unique categories, consumers can find virtually any product they want. Banggood is also known for its 24/7 customer service that keeps customers coming back for more.

5. Gearbest

Gearbest homepage

Image credit: Gearbest

What They Sell: Electronics | Automotive | Home | Clothing | Jewelry | Industrial | Toys & Games | Garden

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: Multiple languages

Best Feature: Free worldwide shipping

Has Subscription: No

Gearbest caters to customers shopping for consumer electronics, gadgets, and men’s clothing. Shoppers on Gearbest can enjoy a 45-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, including a two-year repair and replacement policy.

6. DealeXtreme

DealeXtreme homepage

Image credit: DealeXtreme

What They Sell: Electronics | Office | Toys & Games | Beauty | Sports | Jewelry

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: Multiple languages

Best Feature: MVP products are shipped within 24 hours

Has Subscription: No

DealeXtreme is one of China’s oldest direct-to-consumer ecommerce retailers, with over 1 million monthly active users and 3,000 suppliers across categories. Customers can find innovative gadgets for their day-to-day use that are covered by a 90-day free defective replacement warranty and a 150-day repair warranty.

7. Chinabrands

Chinabrands homepage

Image credit: Chinabrands

What They Sell: Electronics | Office| Toys & Games | Beauty | Sports | Clothing | Jewelry

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: Multiple languages

Best Feature: With over 40 global warehouses, 95% of the orders can be shipped out within 24 hours

Has Subscription: No

Chinabrands is a global drop-shipping and distribution platform that enables global sellers to launch their businesses quickly. With more than 100,000 SKUs from 5,000+ suppliers, Chinabrands offers clear and beautiful pictures with multi-language product descriptions for businesses to use.

6 B2B sites like Amazon in China

Businesses across the world look to China to source their products, raw materials, and machinery. Listed below are some of the most trusted B2B sites to find suppliers for your business needs.

8. Global Sources

Global Sources homepage

Image credit: Global Sources

What They Sell: Electronics | Automotive | Office | Toys & Games | Beauty | Sports | Clothing | Jewelry | Industrial

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English

Best Feature: Buyers can submit an RFQ in just one minute

Has Subscription: No

Global Sources is an international online B2B sourcing platform that connects authentic buyers and verified suppliers through trade shows, digital platforms, and magazines. With over 10 million registered buyers, Global Sources has a large team of sourcing experts who can help with due diligence, compliance, and vendor quality systems.

9. Made-in-China

Made in China homepage

Image credit: Made-in-China

What They Sell: Electronics | Industrial| Automotive | Sports | Health | Clothing | Jewelry

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: Multiple languages

Best Feature: Buyers can customize their products by simply submitting a form with design images

Has Subscription: Yes

Made in China is a B2B platform for Chinese suppliers to connect with international buyers with products in 3,800+ categories. By signing up for the Star Buyer program, buyers can get access to Sourcing Assistants, who can help get quotes within 24 hours for a small fee and connect them to suppliers that fit their needs.

10. EC21

EC21 homepage

Image credit: EC21

What They Sell: Automotive | Industrial | Electronics | Grocery | Health | Beauty

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English | Chinese | Korean

Best Feature: Buyers have access to suppliers from China, India, and Korea

Has Subscription: No

EC21 is a leading B2B marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers across the world. Along with this, EC21 also offers marketing services like research, online and offline overseas marketing, and trade education programs for SMEs in Korea.

11. DIYTrade

DIYTrade homepage

Image credit: DIYTrade

What They Sell: Clothing | Industrial | Electronics | Office | Home

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English | Chinese

Best Feature: Receive email updates on the latest products based on relevant keywords searched for

Has Subscription: No

DIYTrade is an online B2B marketplace that serves small and mid-size businesses across the world. Buyers on DIYTrade can directly chat with merchants through DIYMessenger, which is free to use.

12. ECVV

ECVV homepage

Image credit: ECVV

What They Sell: Automotive | Industrial | Office

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English

Best Feature: The Watch Box section of the website has a list of trending products

Has Subscription: No

With a heavy focus on Middle Eastern countries, ECVV is a B2B platform that has a highly reputed name in dealing with heavy goods like machinery, building equipment, and transportation material. ECVV executives can help buyers authenticate the suppliers that they are interested in to reduce the risk of doing business with them.

13. China.cn

China.cn homepage

Image credit: China.cn

What They Sell: Automotive | Industrial | Sports | Electronics | Office | Kids | Baby

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English | Chinese

Best Feature: When viewing products, buyers can immediately check out the ‘best or top-rated supplier’ under ‘Brand Zone’

Has Subscription: No

China.cn is a B2B e-commerce platform that was built to promote China’s manufacturing and foreign trade industries. Buyers and sellers can conveniently connect via the China.cn app and continue their conversation on WeChat.

Now that you know the best sites like Amazon in China, you can find exactly what you’re looking for online. If you still haven’t found the best alternative for your shopping needs, check out our master list of best-shopping sites that always have great deals, worldwide shipping, and products that are in sync with the latest trends.