17 Amazon Alternatives in Germany for Great Products & Discounts

By Matt RedererUpdated on June 15, 2022

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There are plenty of reasons why many shop on Amazon, including the convenience and deals on products. While it’s loved around the world, that doesn’t mean that people in other countries haven’t wondered what else is out there. This includes shoppers in Germany.

This guide is specifically for those in Germany interested in discovering Amazon alternatives.

What is covered in this article

Let’s begin our search with a look at German Amazon alternatives that are comparable to Prime.

5 Amazon alternatives in Germany with a service like Amazon Prime

One of the best things that Amazon has to offer is their Amazon Prime subscriptions, so it’s no wonder that many online stores in Germany are offering their own. Here are some alternatives to Amazon in Germany that offer their own subscription services.


OTTO homepage

Image credit: OTTO.de

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Kids | Sports | Home | Garden | Tools | Beauty | Health | Electronics | Entertainment

Ships To: Germany

Languages: German

Best Feature: 24-hour delivery available.

Has Subscription: Yes (OTTO UP)

OTTO is an online marketplace that carries a multitude of products. You’ll be able to find quality items in any category for a great price. They also offer their OTTO UP subscription service, which lets you take advantage of free shipping and earn points with every purchase.

2. eBay

eBay Germany homepage

Image credit: eBay.de

What They Sell: Electronics | Entertainment | Clothing | Jewelry | Toys & Games | Home | Pets | Grocery | Sports | Automotive | Baby | Books | Office | Health | Beauty | Garden | Tools

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: German

Best Feature: Discounted items.

Has Subscription: Yes (eBay Plus)

Although typically known for online auctions, eBay Germany serves as a great online marketplace for those looking to do some shopping. They carry quality products from around the world in many different categories, so you’re likely to find whatever you need. Members who subscribe to eBay Plus can also take advantage of free delivery and returns, points on their orders, and exclusive offers.

3. Zalando

Zalando Germany homepage

Image credit: en.Zalando.de

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Kids | Sports | Beauty

Ships To: Multiple countries

Languages: German | English

Best Feature: 100-day return policy.

Has Subscription: Yes (Zalando Plus)

A popular choice around the world that’s also available in Germany is Zalando. This online clothing store is stocked full of quality and affordable clothing options for women, men, and kids. Their Zalando Plus subscription also comes with a lot of perks, including unlimited premium delivery, early access, and priority customer service.

4. heine

heine homepage

Image credit: heine.de

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Home | Electronics | Entertainment

Ships To: Germany

Languages: German

Best Feature: Free shipping for new customers.

Has Subscription: Yes (Shipping Flat Rate)

Another great option for women’s clothing is heine. This online store carries affordable fashion, as well as some great products for your home. Purchasing a shipping flat rate subscription can also get you free shipping for an entire year.


ASOS Germany homepage

Image credit: ASOS.com

What They Sell: Clothing | Sports | Jewelry | Beauty | Health

Ships To: Germany | Austria | Switzerland

Languages: German

Best Feature: 10% student discount.

Has Subscription: Yes (Premier Delivery)

ASOS is another internationally-known store that has made its way online in Germany. This online clothing store is full of trendy products for both women and men from a variety of different brands. Those who like to keep their wardrobe up-to-date can subscribe for Premier Delivery, which gets them free next-business-day delivery for an entire year.

11 other Amazon alternatives in Germany

Even without a Prime equivalent, there are still plenty of online stores that can help you save your money. These are some more great Amazon alternatives in Germany.

6. Yatego

Yatego homepage

Image credit: Yatego.com

What They Sell: Home | Clothing | Jewelry | Grocery | Sports | Outdoors | Garden | Automotive | Tools | Industrial | Health | Baby | Kids | Office | Electronics | Entertainment | Beauty | Toys & Games | Pets | Books

Ships To: Multiple countries

Languages: German

Best Feature: Shopping coupons available.

Has Subscription: No

Yatego is a German marketplace that has offered a wide range of products since 2003. They have quality products available in a multitude of categories, so you can find almost anything you need. There are also plenty of sales and coupons to help shoppers score a great deal on trending products.

7. AliExpress

AliExpress Germany homepage

Image credit: de.AliExpress.com

What They Sell: Clothing | Electronics | Office | Jewelry | Home | Pets | Toys & Games | Kids | Babies | Outdoors | Sports | Beauty | Health | Automotive | Tools

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English | Russian | Portuguese | Spanish | French | German | Italian | Dutch | Turkish | Japanese | Korean | Thai | Vietnamese | Arabic | Hebrew | Polish

Best Feature: Large discounts on popular items.

Has Subscription: No

Given its worldwide popularity, it makes sense that AliExpress has found its way to the German online market. As the sister company of Alibaba, AliExpress is guaranteed to help shoppers find popular products at great prices. They offer a huge selection of products across a wide range of categories, so you’re guaranteed to find whatever you’re looking for.

8. Fruugo

Fruugo homepage

Image credit: Fruugo.de

What They Sell: Electronics | Clothing | Kids | Jewelry | Health | Beauty | Home | Garden | Outdoor | Entertainment | Books | Sports | Toys & Games | Baby | Pets | Office | Tools | Industrial

Ships To: Multiple countries

Languages: Danish | German | English | Spanish | French | Italian | Hungarian | Dutch | Norwegian | Polish | Portuguese | Romanian | Slovak | Finnish | Swedish | Turkish | Czech | Greek | Hebrew | Arabic | Hindi | Chinese | Japanese | Korean

Best Feature: Over 1,000,000 offers and discounts.

Has Subscription: No

Fruugo is an online marketplace full of quality products and amazing deals. They offer many different categories with hundreds of brand name products in each. They’re constantly expanding their product range and always offer discounts, so shoppers can trust Fruugo to securely shop for everything they need.

9. OnBuy

OnBuy homepage

Image credit: OnBuy.com

What They Sell: Home | Garden | Pets | Outdoors | Health | Beauty | Toys & Games | Tools | Industrial | Electronics | Entertainment | Automotive | Sports | Clothing | Jewelry | Baby | Kids | Office | Books | Grocery

Ships To: Multiple countries

Languages: English

Best Feature: Over 35 million products.

Has Subscription: No

Although based in the UK, German shoppers can trust OnBuy to find quality products from around the world. This online marketplace has millions of products in a wide range of categories, including items from the world’s biggest brands. They’re also one of the most trustworthy sites for online shopping, allowing customers to feel confident in their purchases.

10. Etsy

Etsy homepage

Image credit: Etsy.com

What They Sell: Home | Jewelry | Clothing | Kids | Baby | Beauty | Health | Pets | Outdoor | Garden | Office | Electronics | Toys & Games | Entertainment | Books | Tools | Industrial

Ships To: Multiple countries

Languages: German | English | Spanish | French | Italian | Japanese | Dutch | Polish | Portuguese | Russian

Best Feature: Supports independent creators.

Has Subscription: No

Etsy is a great online marketplace to check out for anyone in Germany who’s interested in supporting small businesses. This e-commerce platform allows DIYers to sell their handmade goods to customers around the world. You can often find fun and creative items in a variety of categories and even take advantage of some great discounts.

11. Thomann

Thomann homepage

Image credit: Thomann.de

What They Sell: Entertainment | Electronics

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: German | English | French | Spanish | Italian | Danish | Swedish | Finnish | Dutch | Portuguese | Polish | Czech | Romanian | Hungarian

Best Feature: 3-year warranty on all products.

Has Subscription: No

Those on the hunt for all things musical can turn to Thomann for quality products. They carry some of the world’s top brand names and great deals. You’ll be able to find whatever you need, including guitars, drums, recording equipment, and more.

12. Hood

Hood homepage

Image credit: Hood.de

What They Sell: Electronics | Entertainment | Toys & Games | Books | Clothing | Jewelry | Baby | Kids | Beauty | Health | Grocery | Home | Garden | Pets | Tools | Office | Sports | Outdoors | Automotive | Industrial

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: German

Best Feature: Discounted products.

Has Subscription: No

Hood is another online marketplace that’s a great Amazon alternative in Germany. Their many different categories are full of quality products, including popular brand name items. They’re also great for finding affordable everyday items and secure shopping.

13. Camping-Kaufhaus

Camping-Kaufhaus homepage

Image credit: Camping-Kaufhaus.com

What They Sell: Outdoors | Automotive | Electronics | Tools | Home | Sports | Toys & Games | Clothing | Pets | Health | Industrial

Ships To: Germany

Languages: German

Best Feature: 48-hour delivery.

Has Subscription: No

German shoppers who love camping need to check out Camping-Kaufhaus. This e-commerce site offers everything you could possibly need to make your next camping trip a success. It’s a go-to website for quality items with affordable prices and fast delivery.

14. Shop Apotheke

Shop Apotheke homepage

Image credit: Shop-Apotheke.com

What They Sell: Health | Baby | Kids | Toys & Games | Beauty | Books | Grocery | Pets | Electronics

Ships To: Germany

Languages: German

Best Feature: Free shipping available.

Has Subscription: No

Shop Apotheke is a German online pharmacy, allowing shoppers to get the best health products without leaving home. Their website is full of quality health products and medical supplies with affordable prices. Shoppers can also save more by signing up for the RedPoints Bonus Program, allowing them to earn and redeem points with every purchase.


SHEIN Germany homepage

Image credit: de.SHEIN.com

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Kids | Beauty | Health | Home | Pets

Ships To: Germany | Austria | Italy | Luxembourg

Languages: German

Best Feature: Free standard shipping.

Has Subscription: No

Fashion lovers will be glad to know that SHEIN is also available as an alternative to Amazon in Germany. Popular around the world, this site is full of thousands of clothing products and accessories that are both affordable and trendy. You can also sign up for a free SHEIN VIP account and earn points with all your purchases.

16. Spartoo

Spartoo Germany homepage

Image credit: Spartoo.de

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Kids | Baby | Beauty | Home | Sports

Ships To: Multiple countries

Languages: German

Best Feature: Free shipping within 4 days.

Has Subscription: No

Spartoo is another clothing site that is available to shoppers in Germany. They offer brand name clothing and accessories for ladies, men, and children at affordable prices. You can also shop exclusive, sustainable, and outlet products on their site.

The best German Amazon alternative for buying books online

Amazon has also become a popular online store for books, so we had to include an Amazon alternative for books too. This is the best alternative for buying books online in Germany.

17. Book Depository

Book Depository homepage

Image credit: BookDepository.com

What They Sell: Books

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English | Spanish

Best Feature: Free worldwide delivery.

Has Subscription: No

Although based in the UK, Book Depository has become a top online bookseller for readers around the world. They offer a variety of books in different genres and languages, including German. Their affordable prices and free worldwide shipping will help readers build their library on a budget.

That’s our selection of alternatives to Amazon in Germany. If you want to see some other choices available in Europe, check out the best websites like Amazon in the UK.