13 Amazon Alternatives in Belgium for Finding Quality Products

By Matt RedererUpdated on December 23, 2022

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Online shopping offers customers a lot of convenience, and even some great deals. This is why so many people around the world have turned to Amazon. However, many places around the world offer local e-commerce companies that are worth exploring.

If you’re interested in knowing what Amazon alternatives exist in Belgium, this article covers your options.

What is covered in this article

Before we get into our top Amazon alternatives, let’s explore an option that offers a subscription service.

1 Amazon alternative in Belgium with services like Amazon Prime

One of Amazon’s best offerings is their Amazon Prime subscription service, and one Belgian alternative has taken note. Here is an Amazon alternative in Belgium with their own subscription service.

1. bol.com

bol.com Belgium homepage

Image credit: bol.com

What They Sell: Electronics | Entertainment | Books | Toys & Games | Baby | Kids | Beauty | Health | Clothing | Jewelry | Sports | Outdoors | Office | Grocery | Home | Pets | Automotive

Ships To: Netherlands & Belgium

Languages: Dutch | French

Best Feature: Same-day, evening, and weekend delivery options.

Has Subscription: Yes (Select)

Bol.com is an online marketplace offering popular, quality items for discounted prices. This site is full of many items in a wide variety of categories, from electronics to toys to home goods. On top of the discounts and shipping options available to everyone, those who sign up for a Select subscription can get even more deals and free shipping.

7 best Amazon alternatives in Belgium

While the world tends to view Amazon as a dominant force in the e-commerce space, Belgium still has plenty of online marketplaces that offer competition. Below are some of the best Amazon alternatives in Belgium.

2. Cdiscount

Cdiscount homepage

Image credit: Cdiscount.com

What They Sell: Electronics | Entertainment | Home | Garden | Pets | Sports | Toys & Games | Beauty | Clothing | Jewelry | Tools | Outdoors | Automotive

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: French

Best Feature: Discounts on popular items.

Has Subscription: No

Cdiscount is a French online marketplace that is popular in Belgium. It is best known for offering amazing deals on products in a wide range of categories, including travel and phone plans. Those who want to be kind to the planet can even shop in the Second Life category for quality used items.

3. OnBuy

OnBuy Belgium homepage

Image credit: OnBuy.com

What They Sell: Home | Garden | Pets | Outdoors | Health | Beauty | Toys & Games | Tools | Industrial | Electronics | Entertainment | Automotive | Sports | Clothing | Jewelry | Baby | Kids | Office | Books | Grocery

Ships To: Multiple countries

Languages: English

Best Feature: Most trusted marketplace in the UK.

Has Subscription: No

For an online marketplace you know you can trust, check out OnBuy. This UK e-commerce site offers a wide variety of items to people in many different countries, including Belgium. Their catalog is full of popular brand name items that are of the highest quality and available for affordable prices.

4. Ubuy

Ubuy Belgium homepage

Image credit: U-buy.be

What They Sell: Electronics | Entertainment | Beauty | Health | Sports | Clothing | Jewelry | Baby | Home | Tools | Garden | Office | Outdoor | Books | Automotive | Pets

Ships To: Belgium

Languages: English | French | Dutch

Best Feature: A variety of offers and deals.

Has Subscription: No

Ubuy is another great online marketplace available to buyers in Belgium. Their website allows shoppers to access goods from all over the world in many different categories. The site offers great deals on everything from electronics to food products.

5. AliExpress

AliExpress Belgium homepage

Image credit: AliExpress.com

What They Sell: Clothing | Electronics | Office | Jewelry | Home | Pets | Toys & Games | Kids | Babies | Outdoors | Sports | Beauty | Health | Automotive | Tools

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English | Russian | Portuguese | Spanish | French | German | Italian | Dutch | Turkish | Japanese | Korean | Thai | Vietnamese | Arabic | Hebrew | Polish

Best Feature: Big discounts on popular items.

Has Subscription: No

AliExpress is an online marketplace used by shoppers all over the world. As the sister company of Alibaba, their website offers popular products in a variety of categories for affordable prices. This is a great place to explore for those wanting a bargain on clothing, electronics, and more.

6. eBay

eBay Belgium homepage

Image credit: eBay.be

What They Sell: Electronics | Entertainment | Clothing | Jewelry | Toys & Games | Home | Pets | Grocery | Sports | Automotive | Baby | Books | Office | Health | Beauty | Garden | Tools

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: Dutch | French

Best Feature: Access to items from around the world.

Has Subscription: No

Known around the world, eBay helps shoppers find a wide range of products. Although best known as an auction platform, eBay also hosts independent merchants looking to sell goods to people worldwide. With their wide range of categories – like electronics, collectibles, and clothing – you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for at a great price.

7. Coolblue

Coolblue Belgium homepage

Image credit: Coolblue.be

What They Sell: Electronics | Office | Entertainment | Home | Sports | Beauty | Health | Garden | Tools | Outdoors | Industrial

Ships To: Belgium

Languages: Dutch | English | French

Best Feature: Next-day delivery.

Has Subscription: No

Coolblue is an e-commerce site that offers a variety of items for your home and lifestyle. They offer great deals on popular brand name items, such as electronics, entertainment, and appliances. They also won the SafeShops.be Diamond Award in 2021, so you know that shopping with them means safe transactions and great customer service.

8. Unigro

Unigro homepage

Image credit: Unigro.be

What They Sell: Home | Office | Electronics | Entertainment | Beauty | Sports | Health | Garden | Tools | Outdoors | Toys & Games | Kids | Baby

Ships To: Belgium

Languages: Dutch | French

Best Feature: 24-hour delivery.

Has Subscription: No

Unigro is a Belgian online marketplace that can help shoppers find great deals. Their catalog consists of a wide range of categories with the goal of helping you find everything you need for your home at affordable prices. Shoppers will be able to find deals on brand name items, along with secure shipping and payment options.

4 best Belgian Amazon alternatives for clothing and apparel

Those looking for alternative retailers to restock their wardrobe can rest assured that Belgium has plenty of options. These are a few of the best Amazon alternatives for clothing in Belgium.


SHEIN Europe homepage

Image credit: eur.SHEIN.com

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Kids | Beauty | Health | Home | Pets

Ships To: Multiple countries

Languages: English | French | Dutch | Czech | Greek

Best Feature: Lots of discounts and sales.

Has Subscription: No

SHEIN has quickly become one of the top online fashion retailers in the world, and it’s available to shoppers in Belgium. Their website has a huge selection of clothing and accessories for women, men, and kids. Everything is affordable and comes in a wide range of sizes.

10. Zalando

Zalando Belgium homepage

Image credit: Zalando.be

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Kids | Sports | Beauty

Ships To: Multiple countries

Languages: Dutch | French

Best Feature: Free shipping and returns.

Has Subscription: No

Another popular clothing retailer available in Belgium is Zalando. This online store stocks fashion in designer and other popular brands for ladies, men, and children. They even have a pre-owned category for fashion lovers wanting to be kind to the planet.

11. Spartoo

Spartoo French homepage

Image credit: Spartoo.com

What They Sell: Clothing | Jewelry | Kids | Baby | Beauty | Home | Sports

Ships To: France, Monaco, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, & Andorra

Languages: French

Best Feature: Free returns within 30 days.

Has Subscription: No

Spartoo is a French clothing retailer that is popular with online shoppers across Europe. Their catalog offers responsible fashion and top brands for women, men, and children for affordable prices. The e-commerce site also offers beauty products, accessories, and home decor, so you can find everything you need to express yourself.

12. La Redoute

La Redoute Belgium homepage

Image credit: LaRedoute.be

What They Sell: Clothing | Home | Baby | Kids | Beauty | Health | Jewelry | Sports | Outdoors | Electronics | Toys & Games | Books

Ships To: Belgium

Languages: French | Dutch

Best Feature: Fast delivery.

Has Subscription: No

Another great fashion retailer for Belgian shoppers is La Redoute. This clothing site has affordable options for women, men, and children that are all designed with the latest trends in mind. They also specialize in household items, including indoor and outdoor furniture, allowing shoppers to express themselves in a variety of ways.

1 Belgian Amazon alternative for buying books

Amazon is known as a popular marketplace for readers, but there is another option in Belgium. This is an Amazon alternative for Belgians who want to buy books.

13. Book Depository

Book Depository homepage

Image credit: BookDepository.com

What They Sell: Books

Ships To: Worldwide

Languages: English | Spanish

Best Feature: Free worldwide delivery.

Has Subscription: No

Book Depository is a website that sells books to readers all over the world. This e-commerce site is stocked full of books, new and old, for affordable prices. They have popular titles, as well as some that are hard to find, and carry books in a variety of different languages.

Those are the best Amazon alternatives available in Belgium. If you want to look elsewhere for places to shop, check out the best websites like Amazon in the UK.