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Getting out and seeing live events — such as sports matches, concerts, or theater performances — can be a fun way to spend your free time. The problem is that you often need to purchase tickets in advance in order to be admitted to these events. This means going out to the box office and standing in line, waiting for other people to buy their own tickets. And by the time you get to the box office, you might be out of luck anyway if the event is sold out.

Fortunately, there’s It’s a faster way to get tickets, because you order them online (so you don’t have to wait at the box office) and can often print them out almost immediately! Plus, it’s a peer-to-peer service, so even if the box office says that a show is sold out, you might be able to get tickets to the event if someone on StubHub who already bought tickets doesn’t want theirs anymore! By the same token, if you have tickets that you can’t or don’t want to use anymore, you can use the service to find other people who may want to buy them!

So what exactly is StubHub?

StubHub is an online ticket trading platform. It allows you to purchase event tickets from other users and then print them off the website or an email, or have them mailed to you. You can also use StubHub to list tickets that you don’t want for sale, and see if other users want to buy them.

StubHub is similar to websites such as or

How StubHub works: 6 things you need to know

1. One account for buying or selling

Signing up for an account is easy, and it’s free! Just enter your full name, email address, and a password, and you’re good to go!

The StubHub account creation form

2. No haggles, no hassles, just ticket buying

Looking to score tickets? Just type in the event that you’re looking for, pick the area of the venue that you want to be seated in, and enter your billing details. Your tickets will often be sent to you via email or available for download right on StubHub, so you can print them off and have them almost instantly!

Selecting venue seats on StubHub

3. It pays to buy tickets on StubHub

Sign up for StubHub’s rewards program, and you’ll earn credit every time you buy tickets on StubHub. Earn enough credit, and you’ll earn a Fan Code that can be used to reduce the cost of your next purchase!

4. Buy with confidence with the FanProtect Guarantee

StubHub guarantees that your tickets will get to you in time for the event, will get you entry into the event, and won’t be significantly different from how they were listed on StubHub. If any of these guarantees is broken, or an event is cancelled, you will be refunded with money or Fan Codes, or even give you replacement tickets of equal or greater value compared to the ones you bought!

5. Pawn your unwanted tickets

Do you have tickets to an event and you can’t (or don’t want to) go? Post them on StubHub, and see if they’ll sell! The website will walk you through listing all of the details that potential buyers will need to know about your tickets. It can even help you price them by comparing what other tickets for the same event are selling for on StubHub!

Listing selling information on StubHub

6. Get paid, or pay it forward

If your tickets sell, you can have your earnings deposited in your PayPal account, or send you a check in the mail instead. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can have StubHub donate the proceeds from your ticket sales to one of their partner charities!

Options for getting paid by StubHub

That’s a brief introduction to what StubHub is and how it works! Whether you’re looking to buy tickets for that sold-out show or sell tickets to that event you can’t make it to, StubHub makes it easy, fast, and convenient. Head over to today and see how simple it is to buy or sell event tickets online!