Digital Learning Day and How to Celebrate It

By Kay FleuryUpdated on February 21, 2018

February 23rd is Digital Learning Day all around the world – but what does that mean? What does it mean to learn digitally, and why is it necessary in today’s modern world? If you’ve heard about digital learning, and you want to learn more, you’ve come to the right place. And, you’ve already begun your digital learning, simply by reading this article!

What is digital learning?

Digital learning is a method of learning through digital means, often, learning through the use of the Internet. When your learning is facilitated by technology, you are learning digitally, which has become more and more important in recent years, as digital learning is overshadowing traditional learning practices.

So what then, is Digital Learning Day?

February 23rd, Digital Learning Day, is a day dedicated to the advancement of digital learning, and is facilitated mainly through Internet-based outreach and community-based events that inform people about methods of learning digitally, and how these learning practices can improve your life and make you tech-savvy.

The history of Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day seems to have become an accepted celebratory day by February of 2012. Since then, many websites have appeared to inform people of digital learning practices, and how lives can be improved through a little digital learning.

Digital learning in a classroom

Often, libraries organize and host events in their community, and websites host webinars to inform those who are interested in the latest in digital teaching practices. If you want to get on board with a little Digital Learning Day celebration, check out our list below with 7 digital learning day ideas, and ways to celebrate.

7 Ways to celebrate Digital Learning Day

1. Visit the official website.

There’s a great website available to anyone, which you can visit at: At this official website, you can learn more about DL Day, find out how you can participate in events, and even look at a map with Digital Learning Day events posted that may be near you! Be sure to get on’s mailing list if you want updates on DLD.

2. Follow the day on social media to see what’s going on.

If you’ve got Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, be sure to follow Digital Learning Day on social media. Use the tag @OfficialDLDay, and the hashtag #DLDay or #DigitalLearningDay to keep up with the latest news and updates!

3. Host an event at your library or organization.

If you work for an organization that integrates digital learning in some way, or if you work for a library, consider organizing and hosting a digital learning event at your organization. This kind of community outreach not only helps promote DLD, but is likely to help draw people back to your location in the future if they have a good time!

4. Watch the webinar.

There’s a fantastic (free) webinar hosted by the Alliance for Excellent Education on February 23rd from 11:00-12:00 a.m. EST, at the following web address: This webinar would be a great introduction to how digital learning can be integrated in the classroom, so consider joining in, especially if you’re an educator.

5. Write and promote your own blog posts.

One of the best ways to test out your digital learning skills is to write your own blog posts and promote them. There are many free websites you can use to set up your own blog, so try checking one out and seeing where you get! Try Tumblr or WordPress to get your blog set up.

Man writing blog post on his computer

6. Spread the word by promoting DLD on social media.

Promote websites you find to be useful resources on social media, using the tags and hashtags above. If you find something particularly useful to facilitating your digital learning, be sure to share that information with the world so everyone can increase their digital literacy!

7. Register for a TechBoomers account and begin to learn.

As you may already know, TechBoomers is a great resource for improving your digital learning, as we have over 100 free online courses to help you learn how to use popular websites, apps, and more. Register for a TechBoomers account, and try out one of our courses.

TechBoomers home page

If you want to skip the sign up process, simply click here to see a full directory of all of the courses we have available to you – always fully free to use! And if you want to see an example of how TechBoomers has helped improve and advance digital learning firsthand, check out this article here (

You can also visit to get started with some introductory courses on using computers and their basic functions.

And that’s how you can make the most out of Digital Learning Day! If you’re interested in becoming digitally literate, be sure to surf our site,, where we have over 100 of free online courses to teach you about anything you need to know regarding popular websites and apps. You can become a digitally literate pro today, and blow all of your friends away with the knowledge you’ve learned!