Techboomers is now Tech Life Unity, the online learning website that teaches technology users how to use the world’s most popular websites and apps, is now Tech Life Unity. We’ve rebranded and relaunched our website to bring enhanced features, higher quality content, and to align with our vision of providing free information about how to use technology for everyone.

If you’ve loved and learned on in the past, prepare to love Tech Life Unity even more!

The roots of Techboomers & our team’s history

Techboomers was founded in 2015 by Steve Black, a serial entrepreneur who was saying goodbye to his most recent company and wanted to work on a website with a meaningful purpose. That purpose came to him when he realized he was constantly receiving calls from his mother to come over and help her every time she was trying out a new site or app. Through countless asks of “Can you help me get on Facebook?” to “Should we get Netflix?” and “Is this a spam email?” came the realization that there were simply no good websites that taught casual users how to use these sites and apps in a structured way, with step-by-step instructions. And so, Techboomers was born.

Once we launched the website, we started building out a massive library of step-by-step tutorials, full courses on sites and apps, and helpful tips and tricks for using them, and comparisons of similar sites to help users pick the best one for them. We also made meaningful connections with many partners like tech trainers, digital literacy instructors and experts, and libraries who all help their communities by teaching digital literacy and found our free information was the best source out there to help teach their students.

We’ve been fortunate to work with partners, groups, and non-profits like the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA), Cyber Seniors, and the National Cybersecurity Alliance, all who loved Techboomers content and used it to further their own causes - which we are privileged to be a part of.

With our website and YouTube channel, we have obtained a loyal audience of people who just want to learn more about the technology they are using, and solve their everyday problems. Our YouTube channel has gained a massive subscriber base of over 660,000, and has obtained over 200 million views, and the website has served over 20 million happy website users over our lifetime.

The early vision of Techboomers was to help older adults and so-called ‘boomers’ (hence “Tech” + “boomers”) who often struggle with adapting new technologies. But over time, it became clear that our audience was comprised of every age group, as everyone struggles to make sense of how to do things on sites or apps when they are constantly changing, or needs advice about choosing one service over another when their differences seem minimal with the information you can easily get. And that’s how we came to Tech Life Unity.

Why “Tech Life Unity”?


Unity: The state of being united or joined harmoniously as a whole.

With technology being so overwhelming for most, we wanted to help people unite their lives with technology in a harmonious and seamless way. Most people use websites and apps like the ones we provide information about every single day. And since Techboomers was founded, things have changed even more. Websites and apps change more frequently, updating their interfaces and look, making it difficult to remember how to use them. Subscription-based services deliberately hide your ability to cancel or delete them in ways that make it almost impossible to access. And cost-based services have gotten better and better at burying their true fees. We wanted to provide the same quality of information Techboomers always has, but under our new vision - to unite technology with everyday life.

Things have been difficult for our organization leading up to and through COVID (it’s not easy providing a website that’s 100% free to use with quality, up-to-date information!). Creating new content was put on hold for a while so our team members could focus on our projects helping other websites with digital marketing and SEO to help keep us afloat. But we persevered, and now are more focused than ever on Tech Life Unity - which is how we’ve provided this new look and new brand for you to explore!

The Tech Life Unity website: new look, new features, & new ways to learn

The same great content from, but refreshed with a whole new look, in a better learning environment! Here are some of the great changes we’ve made:

  • Our new pages have easy-to-access information presented in a clean and clear way

  • Our articles all have a table of contents to help you navigate through articles more easily

  • Our A-Z Topics Page now is a one-stop location for all the topics we cover on the website

  • We sorted our content into updated categories that will help you discover and learn about related topics more easily

  • Our homepage has a fresh new look and features our most relevant and recent content

  • We’ve updated our content and will continue to update our library of over 1000 guides

Explore the Tech Life Unity YouTube channel

Make sure to check out our updated YouTube channel as well. We still have the same great “Jessica”, but now she’s from Tech Life Unity! Explore all our videos along with our millions of views and 660,000 subscribers who love the direct answers and step-by-step instructions we provide to solve all your tech questions.

The future of Tech Life Unity

Now that we’ve relaunched the rebranded website, we’ve got lots of exciting things on the horizon, including:

  1. We’re really looking forward to reengaging with the digital literacy community in 2024, reconnecting with our old partners, and hopefully making some new friends on the same mission as we are

  2. We’ll continue to release new YouTube videos every week

  3. We’re updating our older articles and keep them relevant with the ever-changing websites and apps they mention

  4. We’ll also be writing new content about newer and currently relevant sites and apps, and may explore some new topics like crypto, AI, VR, and more

If you’re a digital literacy partner that has linked to our website as a resource in the past, it would be great if you could update your links from to, and use our new logos on your website, which you can find here.

Thank you so much for being with us on our journey, and we hope you’re as excited about Tech Life Unity as we are!

Happy learning!