What Digital Inclusion Week Is and How to Get Involved

By Kay FleuryUpdated on May 8, 2018

If you’re interested in digital inclusion or digital literacy, and more importantly, the events that help promote those causes, participating in Digital Inclusion Week is a must for you! If you’re new to the scene or you just need to catch up on what’s going on this year, we’ve got you covered. We’ll explain:

Let’s get started with the basics.

What is digital inclusion week and when does it take place?

Digital Inclusion Week is an event sponsored by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) in an effort to promote digital inclusion, increasing the ability of individuals to access and use information and communication technologies and the Internet. This year, it takes place from May 7-11, 2018.

Digital Inclusion Week banner

If you are part of an organization that promotes digital literacy or digital inclusion, then you probably want to learn about how to get involved. There are many ways you can participate in and contribute to Digital Inclusion Week.

5 ways to participate in Digital Inclusion Week

1. Create or find a digital literacy event in your area

One of the best ways to spread awareness is through events that people in your community can participate in. Common events help spread inclusion through computer training, offering affordable devices or access to the Internet, increasing media literacy, or building public awareness for your organization, or other local organizations you support.

2. Connect with colleagues and peers across the nation

Learning more about other organizations offering events and promoting Digital Inclusion Week is a great way to meet others committed to digital inclusion and make connections with people who might be able to offer support for your organization as well. Create new partnerships to help spread the message and cause even further.

Connecting with partners to promote digital inclusion

3. Register as a Digital Inclusion Week host

If you want your event to be advertised as a part of Digital Inclusion Week, click here. Having your event listed on the NDIA website will help promote it, and is likely to increase interest in your event and bring more people in attendance.

4. Join in on the conversation and help spread the message

From May 7-11th, use the following hashtags to help celebrate the progress we’re making!

  • #digitalinclusion – for all things related to digital inclusion
  • #DIW2018 – for all things related to Digital Inclusion Week
  • #digitalequityis______ – fill in the blank with what digital equity means to you

If you need some ideas about how to put these into practice, check out the NDIA’s sample texts for tweets and sample graphics.

Tweet suggestions from the NDIA

5. Start a digital literacy program in your community to help promote digital inclusion

If your organization is just getting started, or you’re an individual who wants to promote digital inclusion, now is a great time to start! Create some plans for your digital inclusion initiative and share them during Digital Inclusion Week with those that can help you get it off the ground!

What kind of events happen during Digital Inclusion Week?

If you’re looking for an event to be a part of, try out one of these:

  • Open house – host an open house event for your organization to promote what you do and inform more people in your community about the great work you are doing to help promote digital inclusion
  • Host an online safety seminar – at your institution, host a training seminar on online safety to help those just getting access to new devices or the Internet protect their personal information and safety
  • Door-to-door outreach – canvass your community to promote the cause, and focus on areas with little access to Internet to help teach residents about low-cost broadband options they may have
  • Host a workshop or digital training exercise – help teach local residents about a specific aspect of technology by hosting a training seminar
  • Digital resource fair – organize a collection of digital inclusion providers and digital literacy teachers in your area to help promote digital inclusion and make more people aware of available services in your community
  • Donation drive – collect donations of used desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other personal devices to help distribute to those in need
  • Internet enrollment event – search for low-cost Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in your area that will offer to help sign up new customers for affordable broadband Internet
  • Resumé rally – help interested people learn to create a perfect resume and complete an online job search to help advance their career prospects

Helpful digital literacy resources to get you started

If you need some help promoting your event or organization, these resources can help you jump start the process: