Weebly Review

By Corbin HartwickUpdated on March 18, 2022

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Okay, so now you know what Weebly is and how it works. Next, we’ll look at what sets Weebly.com apart from some other services like it, both in how it’s better and in how it’s worse.

Here are some notable pros and cons of the website development platform.


  • Can be used for free — You can sign up for a free account and get 500 megabytes of storage space for external files, free website hosting and default domain, and much more! Try it out, and once you get the hang of it, you can upgrade it and get extra functions to really make your website shine.
  • Simple drag-and-drop functions — Weebly doesn’t require you to know anything about HTML or CSS coding in order to build a website. It works more like a desktop publishing program; just point, click, drag, and drop to add and edit elements on your website! Of course, if you do know how to code, you can add custom-coded elements in as well!
  • Change templates at any time — Are you working on your website and don’t really dig the way it’s laid out so far? No problem! You can switch the theme of your website at any time, and Weebly will re-tool what you have so far to fit with your new template.
  • Easy to pack up and leave — If you want to delete your account, no worries! Just tell them that you want your account gone, and they’ll take care of all the clean-up work for you.


  • Need a paid subscription for upgraded features — As with most similar websites of its kind, Weebly requires you to pay an upgrade subscription fee in order to access some of its premium features. These include putting a shop on your website to sell things with, as well as gaining more memory space to store images, videos, and audio files that you upload as part of your website.
  • Interface is somewhat clunky — Compared to some of its competitors, it has an interface that is a little less free-form. Certain elements have to go in specific spaces, and you may get frustrated by not being able to put an element exactly where you want it.

The bottom line: 8/10

Weebly is one of the easiest website-building sites to use on the market today. It can be used for free if you don’t mind certain restrictions, and its upgraded features are very reasonably priced. It also has the advantage of making otherwise cumbersome clean-up tasks — such as changing your website’s template or deleting your account — easy to do by taking care of the heavy lifting for you. The main downside of Weebly is that its actual interface isn’t all that free-form, and that can make it a bit cumbersome to use (although it should also make sure that things don’t get too messy).

Is Weebly good?

Whether Weebly is good or not depends on your needs. Overall, it leans a bit more towards ease-of-use when it comes to building websites, rather than opting for more powerful features and better control. There are several alternatives to Weebly that can fulfill these needs, such as Jimdo or Wix.

Anyway, that’s our opinion on what Weebly is like. But if you want to form your own thoughts on it, then why not go ahead and try it? It’s free, after all, so you really have nothing to lose! Our next tutorial will give you a quick tour of how to use Weebly.