Vrbo Affiliate Program: How It Works & How to Become an Affiliate

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If you’re an avid Vrbo host or traveler, you could be missing out on additional earnings. Vrbo hosts and travelers can make money by referring other travelers or renters through their affiliate program. We’ll examine how this program works to see how you can participate and earn money.

In this article, we will be discussing what their affiliate program entails and what kind of benefits you can earn from it.

What is covered in this article

Let’s break down the basics first so you can better understand what Vrbo’s affiliate program can offer you. If you aren’t familiar with Vrbo or need a refresher, learn what Vrbo is and how it works in our other article.

What is the Vrbo Affiliate Program?

The Vrbo Affiliate Program is a great way to put your digital presence to use and earn money from both travelers and homeowners who decide to rent their property on Vrbo. Affiliate marketers can use native advertising, email marketing, groups and pages on social networks, and targeted ads on social media to reach the right audience.


Vrbo doesn’t allow promo codes, contextual advertising, pop-ups, or retargeting and remarketing to be used with their affiliate program.

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How the Vrbo Affiliate Program works

Since Vrbo has a large selection of properties and is an established global brand that is proven to be safe and reliable, their affiliate program is one of the most attractive in the holiday accommodation niche. If you are a travel influencer or blogger, you can use your social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram and your website(s) to earn money through the Vrbo Affiliate Program.

There are two main ways you can earn through Vrbo:

1. 2% commission per traveler referral

As an affiliate you can earn up to a 2% commission for each traveler you refer who rents a Vrbo listing. Since you are bringing in more traffic leading to conversions, Vrbo rewards you with this commission.

2. $20 per new listing referral

If you know about a property that the owner is planning to list on various booking websites, refer them to Vrbo so that you can earn an easy $20 commission. It is a win-win situation for both Vrbo (who can add a new listing to their marketplace) and a potential host (whose property will have great visibility being up on Vrbo).

Ready to sign up? Check out the Vrbo affiliate program sign up page here.

4 benefits of being a Vrbo affiliate

The monetary benefits that you earn from being a Vrbo affiliate are clear, so let’s look at why this program would be attractive to anyone.

1. Large inventory

Vrbo has more than 2 million rentals in 190 countries listed on their website, which makes it the world’s largest marketplace for holiday home bookings. As an affiliate, it gives you the opportunity to refer to vacation homes in different destinations that your friends and family may travel to and earn some money while doing it.

2. API integration

If you are a travel blogger, then you can take advantage of Vrbo’s API integration which seamlessly integrates a vacation listing into your site, allowing your followers to discover authentic Vrbo listings on your blog.

3. Tracking and reporting

As a part of the Vrbo affiliate program, you will not have to worry about the traffic on your website. With third-party tracking and real-time reports that you can view through Vrbo, it’s as simple as cashing in those monthly commissions that you receive.

4. Option to join other Vrbo affiliate programs

If you are an affiliate marketer, then joining the Vrbo Affiliate Program opens up the opportunity to join several other sister websites on Vrbo’s network such as BringFido, Rakuten, Roadtrippers, Tada (formerly ShopAtHome), and Simplemost.

If you are still on the fence about joining the Vrbo affiliate program, then you should read our review of Vrbo to help you make a decision. Since most travelers spend time researching before making their bookings for an impending trip, you are sure to benefit from promoting Vrbo listings on your platform or even referring to newer listings that Vrbo can add to their database.