How to Book Hotels on Priceline

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Cheap hotel bookings are a breeze to get with Priceline! The process for doing so is similar to those on competitor websites, but is a bit more streamlined: first, pick a destination, check-in/check-out dates, and number of rooms to book. Then, pick out your hotel and your specific rooms. Finally, enter your identification and payment information, and you’re all done!

To book a Priceline hotel:

  1. Go to and click Hotels.
  2. Enter your destination, check-in date, check-out date, and number of rooms that you wish to book.
  3. Select a hotel from the list of available options.
  4. Select which room(s) you wish to book.
  5. Enter your traveler and billing information, and confirm your order.

Need more than that to go on? No problem! Below is a full set of directions, complete with screenshots to point you in the right direction.

Detailed instructions on how to book a hotel room on Priceline

1. Open your web browser and go to In the menu across the top of the screen, click Hotels.

Priceline Hotels menu

2. On the next screen, type in an airport, city, or point of interest near where you would like a hotel. Then, select your check-in and check-out dates, as well as the number of rooms that you will require. Then click Search Hotels.

Enter search criteria for hotels

3. On the next screen, you will pick the hotel that you wish to stay in.

Choose a hotel by clicking on it

You can click the drop-down menu labelled “Sort By” to sort your search results by popularity, price, or average user rating. You can also use the options on the left to filter your search results by name, star rating, price, available amenities, and general area.

Once you’ve found a hotel that you like, click Choose beside it.

4. The next screen has details about the hotel that you’ve chosen, including photos, an amenities list, and comments that other Priceline users have made about the hotel. Scroll down to see the rooms available in this hotel for your chosen time period. Click Book beside the one that you want.

Priceline Book button

If you have indicated that you would like to book multiple rooms, repeat this step for each room.

5. You’re almost done! To finish up, you need to input your personal and billing information.

Priceline personal information

First, under the “Reservation Name” section, click in the respective boxes and type in the first and last names of the person who will be checking into the hotel for your party.

Next, under the “Enter Your Billing Address” section, click in the respective boxes and type in or select:

– Your first name
– Your last name
– Your street address
– The country in which you live
– The city or town in which you live
– The state, province, or territory in which you live
– Your mailing code
– Your phone number
– Your email address
– A copy of your email address

6. Finally, in the section labelled “Enter Your Credit Card,” click in the respective boxes and type in or select:

– Your credit card number
– The month that your credit card expires
– The year that your credit card expires
– Your credit card’s security code (click What’s This? for help finding it)

Priceline billing details booking form

When you’re all set, click Book My Hotel Room Now.

You should get confirmation information about your booking, either on the next screen or in your email inbox. Be sure to print it out, as you may need it when you check into your hotel.

That’s all the information you need on booking a hotel through Priceline! If you need a rental car while you’re away on vacation, check out our next tutorial on booking a Priceline car rental to learn how. In case your plans change, you might want to read up on the Priceline cancellation policy so you know how to make changes or cancel your booking if necessary.