How to Use Angie’s List

By Corbin HartwickUpdated on March 11, 2022

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Now that you’ve created an Angie’s List account, let’s get started using the website! This tutorial will show you how to use the main part of the Angie’s List website.

To use Angie’s List, sign into your account. Then, select a category of services to browse, or search for something specific. Use the search options to filter and sort your results, and then click on a business to view its info, reviews, and ratings. From there, you can also write a review of the company.

As you can see, there are a couple of different steps to getting around Angie’s List, so we’ll break them down for you in our full walkthrough below.

A quick tour of what you can do on Angie’s List

How to sign into Angie’s List

1. Go to in your web browser and click Sign In in the top-right corner.

The SIGN IN button for accessing Angie's List

2. Under “Member Sign In”, click in the box labelled “Email Address or Member ID” and type in the email address that you used to sign up for Angie’s List. Then, click in the box labelled “Password” and type in the password that you picked to protect your Angie’s List account. Finally, click Sign In.

How to sign into Angie's List with your email address and account password

How to search for businesses on Angie’s List

3. Once you’re on the main page for Angie’s List, you can click one of the categories under “Most Popular Services” to see companies of that type that people hire frequently. (NOTE: Unless you have a Plus-tier or Premium-tier Angie’s List subscription, you will be unable to view any companies under the “Health” heading. See our How Much Does Angie’s List Cost article for more information.)

How to browse or search for businesses on Angie's List from its main page

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Or, if you want to look for something specific by keyword, click in the box labelled “What Do You Need Help With Today?” and type in the name or type of business that you’re looking for. Then click the Search button.

4. Regardless of what you chose in the previous step, you’ll be taken to the search page for Angie’s List.

How to sort or filter businesses on the Angie's List search page

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You can click the List or Map buttons in the top-right corner to switch between viewing companies in a list, or viewing them on a map of your local area. You can also click the drop-down menu labelled “Sort By” and choose to sort your search results by:

– Putting companies that have discount coupons first
– Companies from highest grade to lowest grade
– Companies with most reviews to fewest reviews
– Companies closest to you, followed by those furthest from you
– Companies in alphabetical order, by name
– Putting companies that allow you to hire them through Angie’s List first

There are also a myriad of filtering options on the left-hand bar that can allow you to narrow your search results, usually through clicking buttons or check boxes. Make any changes that you want, and then click Refine Your Search. Or, if you want to return to your default search settings, click Reset All Search Options instead.

When you find a company that you want to view, click on its name.

How to write a review of a business on Angie’s List

5. Once you’re on the page for a business on Angie’s List, you can see their contact information and provided services on the left-hand side of the screen. In the main part of your window, you’ll see the business’s ratings (averaged across recent or all reviews) — from “A” (highest) to “F” (lowest) — in five categories: price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism. You can also see statistics like how many reviews have been written about this business, or how many disputes have arisen between this business and an Angie’s List user.

How to review or contact a business on Angie's List from its information and review page

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Below the business’s ratings, you will see the actual reviews that have been submitted about this company. You can filter them by which ones were submitted by Angie’s List users or which ones were submitted by verified outside parties, or just choose to see all reviews.At the top of the page, you can click Email Provider to send an email to this business and see if you can work out an appointment to have them do work for you. (In some cases, you may be able to schedule work right through Angie’s List!). Or, if you’ve dealt with this company in the past and want to write a review for them, click Write Review.

6. Once you’re on the review page, click the buttons under the “Ratings” heading to rank the company’s service overall, as well as on the five key service categories: price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism. “A” is the highest rating, and “F” is the lowest rating. Click the “N/A” button for a service category if you don’t know how to rate the company on it (for example, if it wasn’t applicable to the type of service they performed).

How to write a review of a business on Angie's List

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Below that, under the “Details of Your Experience” heading, you’ll have to fill in information like whether or not the company actually did the work that you asked for, what they did, when they did it, and how much it cost. You can also say things like whether or not you would hire that company again, and leave any other additional comments that you feel are relevant. (Note that all of the fields marked with an asterisk — a “*” — must be filled out.)

Finally (though not shown in the screenshot above), under the “Confirm” heading, click the check box to say that your review is genuine, and you’re not an employee of the company trying to make them look good, or a competitor’s employee trying to make the company look bad. When you’re all set, click Submit Review.

That’s our tour of Angie’s List, including how to search for businesses, view their information and ratings, and write reviews yourself! For our next lesson, we’ll look at how to hire businesses through Angie’s List — often with big discounts attached — through Angie’s List Big Deals!