TripAdvisor Review

By Kay FleuryUpdated on March 18, 2022

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TripAdvisor is one of the most useful resources for travel because of how many reviews it has for accommodations all over the world. In this article, we’re going to flip the script and review TripAdvisor.

If you need to know whether using TripAdvisor will be helpful to your travel planning, read our breakdown of the pros and cons of the travel information website below:


  • The reviews – One of TripAdvisor’s best features — and the reason it became such an established travel website — is the collection of reviews the website has. Users from all over the world have reviewed accommodations and locations based on their own, real experiences.
  • Real images from real travelers – Along with reviews, TripAdvisor allows its users to share photographs of their own experiences. How many times have you booked a stay at a hotel or resort, and then when you arrived, your room looked nothing like the pictures that were on the website? TripAdvisor fixes this by allowing travelers to add their own photos, so you get a much more realistic impression of where you are going before you book!
  • Variety of information – TripAdvisor offers insight into many different aspects of your travel. You can learn every detail about your accommodations or the city you’ll be traveling to. TripAdvisor even has travel guides to help you decide what to do when you reach your destination! You can do a lot of research before you book, which greatly increases your chance of making a good decision when you finally choose to book.


  • Who is contributing? – Though one of TripAdvisor’s best features is the millions of reviews it has on various properties, literally anyone with Internet access and an email address could contribute a review. There is no way to know how truthful any one review is, and it is even possible that property owners add positive reviews for their own accommodations to boost the ratings.
  • Not an advanced booking website – The ability to book right on TripAdvisor is a newer feature of the website, and is therefore not quite as extensive as it is on other booking websites. To guarantee that you get the best prices and deals, you may want to use a more established booking website.

The Bottom Line: 8.5/10 is a great resource for travel, and can help any user make more educated decisions prior to booking their accommodations. With the website’s many reviews, photos, and traveler experiences, you can get a much more detailed feel for your accommodations before you get there. Never again will you be disappointed by a resort because it was greatly misrepresented on their website. Mold and mildew in your hotel room shower? No way; the person that stayed at that hotel before you warned you about it.

Though there is much to be learned, you should always exercise caution when reading reviews and stories. Keep in mind that anyone can post a review – including property owners disguised as guests. Ensure that you read as many reviews as possible, and be aware of the possible dangers of using travel and booking websites. For more tips on safety, visit our article on how to use TripAdvisor safely.

That’s our basic rundown on TripAdvisor. If you’d like to start using it, read our next article on how to sign up for TripAdvisor.