If you’re looking for something specific on SoundCloud, you’re in luck. SoundCloud’s search interface is pretty simple to use, without a lot of clutter. You don’t even have to be logged into SoundCloud to search!

There are four different things that you can search for on SoundCloud: individual songs, song playlists, or other SoundCloud users.

To search SoundCloud:

1. Go to www.soundcloud.com in your web browser. (Logging in is optional here.)

2. Click in the box across the top of the screen labelled “Search” and begin typing in what you’re looking for.

The SoundCloud search bar

As you do so, SoundCloud will offer you suggestions in a drop-down menu of what you might be looking for. Beside each of these results is an icon indicating what it is: a song, a user, or a playlist.

Click a result to go to its page immediately, or click “Search for [your search terms]” or the magnifying glass icon to search for exactly what you typed in.

3. On the search results screen, if you only want to search for music, click Tracks.

How to search for music on SoundCloud

Here, you can click one of the options under “Filter Results” to see only results that:

  • were uploaded in the past hour, day, week, month, or year, or at any time
  • are less than 2 minutes long, from 2 to 10 minutes long, from 10 to 30 minutes long, or over 30 minutes long
  • you can listen to, share, use commercially, or modify commercially

You can also click one of the options under “Filter by Tag” to show only results that have been designated with specific keywords (“tags”).

4. If you want to search for playlists of songs on SoundCloud, click Playlists.

How to search for playlists on SoundCloud

As with songs, you can also search for playlists that are marked with defining keywords by clicking one or more of the options underneath the “Filter by Tag” section.

5. Finally, if you want to search for users or artists & bands on SoundCloud, click People.

How to search for people on SoundCloud

Click the option under “Filter Results” to only display people who joined SoundCloud:

  • this past day
  • this past week
  • this past month
  • this past year
  • at any point in time

You can also click one of the options under “Filter by Location” to only show users who are based in a certain geographical location.

Those are the different ways that you can search on SoundCloud!