Best 5 Sites Like Pinterest for Finding Inspiration

By Corbin HartwickUpdated on March 10, 2022

If the concept of seems neat to you, but the website itself isn’t quite your cup of tea, that’s perfectly okay. Inspired by Pinterest’s unprecedented success, there are now plenty of other lookalike websites out there on the Internet, some of which are direct copycats, and others which do things a little bit differently. 

Here are some of the most popular sites like Pinterest we found.

1. Fancy

Fancy logo


Fancy one of the top Pinterest alternatives, in that the bookmarks found there are put there by the user community. However, what sets Fancy apart is that many of the things bookmarked on the website are actually for sale! Browse items through various shopping-related categories, “Fancy It” when you see an item that you like, buy a “Mystery Box” full of stuff that you might like (based on your preferences and previous purchases), and earn monetary credit by inviting your friends to buy stuff on Fancy!

2. We Heart It

WeHeartIt logo


One of the best Pinterest competitors is We Heart It, which bills itself as a place to find inspiration and build a collection of images (including animations and videos) that move you. While very similar to Pinterest, one of its major differences is that it contains no features for commenting on bookmarks or messaging other users. This makes for a more positive community, since people can only “heart” what they like and can’t pepper each other with nasty remarks. Women will especially like We Heart It, since most of its users are female (although they are also relatively young), and so most of its content tends to be things that women like or would find interesting.

3. Trippy

Trippy logo


Despite what you’d think from its name, this Pinterest alternative has nothing to do with hallucinogenic drugs. It does, however, have everything to do with using pictures from popular vacation destinations all around the world to help you make the most of your travel plans. Ask a question about where you want to go, and Trippy’s community — whether they’re strangers or friends from your social media accounts — will give you the lowdown on the area, including maps, pictures, and advice on everything from accommodations to attractions to transportation to dining.

4. 500px

500px logo


Pronounced “five hundred pixels,” 500px is one of the similar websites that you’ll definitely want to check out if you’re into photography. It features hundreds of stunning snapshots from photography enthusiasts all over the world, organized by category. People can also “tag” photos with certain keywords to make them easier to find, and write a little bit of back-story about the photographs that they post. You can also join groups and discuss the different kinds of photographs that you like. And, like Fancy, you can even buy some of the photographs that you see!

5. Juxtapost

Juxtapost logo


Out of all of Pinterest’s competitors on the Internet today, Juxtapost is propably one of the largest. It shares similar features, including the ability to create private categories and only share them with certain people, and the ability to collaborate on certain categories with other users. However, it has a few notable features that Pinterest does not. One is the More Like This tab, which lets you see posts similar to the one you’re viewing without having to leave the current page (you can also zoom in on posts without leaving the page, too). Another interesting feature is the ability to save information about your collection of bookmarked content as a spreadsheet document, so you can take it anywhere.

There are also plenty of similar websites that focus on specific subjects, including:

And that’s our list of the best websites like Pinterest! Hopefully one of these sites can help inspire you, and help you find useful things to incorporate in your life. If you’re thinking about going with one of these competitors and want to delete your account, be sure to click “Next Tutorial” to check out the final tutorial of our Pinterest.