Ticketmaster vs StubHub for Sellers in 2023: Fees & More

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When it comes to buying authentic concert tickets, two websites that often come to mind are Ticketmaster and StubHub. A lot of the discussion tends to be about buying tickets from Ticketmaster vs StubHub, but they’re also popular options when it comes to reselling tickets for live events. So how do they compare to each other?

If you want to learn everything about selling on Ticketmaster vs StubHub, this guide will compare all of their relevant features in the following categories:

Let’s start by discussing what exactly these two ticket sites are and how they differ from each other.

Did You Know

Choosing the best ticket site for your needs can vary if you’re a buyer vs a seller. If you want to buy tickets, be sure to check out our detailed comparison on Ticketmaster vs StubHub for buyers instead.

StubHub vs Ticketmaster for sellers: how are they different?

While both platforms are similar, there are some key differences when comparing Ticketmaster vs StubHub.

Ticketmaster is an online marketplace for live events, including concerts, games, and theater performances. While Ticketmaster is known primarily for selling tickets to official events, they also allow buyers to resell their tickets purchased through the platform in a safe and reliable way. They offer a hassle-free experience throughout the entire resell process and allow sellers to reach more fans than they would elsewhere.

Pro Tip

If you’re thinking about selling on Ticketmaster, check out their seller’s information page for key insights on selling on Ticketmaster, including steps to selling and common seller FAQs.

StubHub is primarily an online marketplace for purchasing tickets for live events through other fans. Although primary ticket sales do occur on this site, many gravitate to this site to find tickets for popular and even sold out events. Their platform makes it quick and easy to list almost all kinds of tickets in their marketplace (which is viewed by over 100 million people) while helping keep tickets safe and ensuring payment.

Pro Tip

Check out StubHub's seller’s hub of information for common FAQs to get you started.

If you want to review other options for ticket resale marketplaces, check our guide on the best ticket resale websites. There are some websites other than StubHub or Ticketmaster that might be even better for your current ticket needs.

StubHub vs Ticketmaster seller fees

When it comes to reselling tickets, a big part of the decision for potential sellers is to be able to compare StubHub and Ticketmaster seller fees. The table below compares Ticketmaster’s vs StubHub’s fees:




Cost to set up or maintain an account



Cost to list tickets



Commission taken when tickets are sold

15% fee

Believed to be around 15% (see below)

Learn more about seller’s fees

Verdict: StubHub has slightly more consistent seller fees

Overall, Ticketmaster and StubHub are both great options when it comes to seller fees. Both platforms allow fans to create an account and list their tickets for free. They both also only take a small seller fee once the tickets are sold, which is believed to be 15% for both platforms.

The only issue is that neither Ticketmaster or StubHub discloses this fee until sellers are in the process of listing their tickets. According to sellers, both resale services take a 15% commission from ticket sales at this point in time.

StubHub wins this category by a hair, only because they’ve seemed to use the 15% more consistently over the years, while Ticketmaster’s practices are always changing. This makes StubHub the better option for those who want to know what they’re getting into beforehand.

StubHub vs Ticketmaster refunds & ticket protection

When deciding whether to go through the Ticketmaster resale vs StubHub resale process, the policies and protections offered by the platforms are important to consider. The table below covers the refund policies and ticket protections available on StubHub and Ticketmaster:

Selling Policy



When are refunds given?

Cancellations only

Cancellations or limited circumstances

How to request a refund

  • Will be contacted by email with a 120% account credit.
  • Must log in and click “Request cash refund” if refund is preferred.
  • For cancellations: will be contacted by email.
  • Limited circumstances: click on “Request a Refund” in your account.

How are refunds received?

  • 120% credit to account OR
  • Refund processed to original payment method

Processed to original payment method.

Refund Timeline

Within 5 days of request.

Immediately, once approved.

Ticket Guarantee

FanProtect Guarantee

100% Real Tickets

Ticket Insurance

Not available

Allianz insurance available

Verdict: Ticketmaster for safer and faster refunds

While their refund policies are similar, Ticketmaster comes out on top for their refund process, their ticket guarantees, and their partnership with Allianz for ticket insurance. Ticketmaster is the safer and the faster option for receiving refunds on tickets.

StubHub vs Ticketmaster resale payment methods

Another important feature to consider is what payment methods are available when selling on StubHub vs Ticketmaster. The table below outlines the different ways sellers can receive their payments after selling tickets on Ticketmaster and StubHub.

Payment Method



Debit Card


Direct Deposit




Payoneer Prepaid


Mailed Check


Verdict: Stubhub for resale payment methods

While Ticketmaster offers some safe and reliable payment methods, StubHub offers slightly more flexibility. The options available from StubHub give sellers the option to choose a payment method that works best for them, while both options from Ticketmaster are done through the seller’s bank.

StubHub vs Ticketmaster customer support

Whether selling tickets with StubHub vs Ticketmaster, there’s always a possibility that sellers might need assistance. This is why it’s important to determine what you might need from customer support. The table below compares the customer service options for Ticketmaster and StubHub:

Support Available?



Instant Chat

Not available

Virtual Assistant available 24/7


1.866.788.2482 (5am-9pm PST daily)

Not available


Not available

Contact Form

Community Forums

StubHub Community

Not available

Customer Support Page

Verdict: Both platforms offer their own unique options

Ticketmaster and StubHub offer very different customer support options for sellers, so this category comes down to personal preference. Ticketmaster is the only platform of the two to offer 24/7 service with their Virtual Assistant, as well as offer email access. Their Virtual Assistant can also be used to live chat with an agent during business hours.

While StubHub doesn’t offer live chat or email, they are the only one of the two to operate a customer service phone line during business hours, helping sellers connect with a live person from the start. Their community forums also allow sellers to potentially get their questions answered from other StubHub sellers.

Other options for sellers on StubHub & Ticketmaster

Before selling tickets on StubHub or Ticketmaster, sellers need to familiarize themselves with expectations for delivery, among other factors that could impact their ability to resell their tickets. The below table covers how tickets can be delivered through both platforms:

Options for Sellers



Email Tickets


Upload Online


Mail Physical Tickets


Can Re-sell In

Over 90 countries, including the US and Canada

North America, South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, and Africa

When are tickets eligible for resale?

Anytime up to event for digital tickets, 3 days prior to event for paper

Anytime leading up to event, unless otherwise stated

Tickets not eligible for resale

Depends on event/venue

Depends on event/venue

What to know

  • Seller responsible for delivering tickets
  • Shipping labels available for physical tickets

Tickets will be transferred by Ticketmaster unless selling third-party tickets

Verdict: Ticketmaster for effortless delivery

While both platforms offer similar delivery options, Ticketmaster is the easier platform for sellers when it comes to delivery. Since Ticketmaster deals primarily with tickets originally purchased through their platform, they are able to automatically transfer tickets to buyers once they’re sold. StubHub does assist sellers with the delivery process, but reselling with Ticketmaster creates less work for sellers.

Fraud against sellers on Ticketmaster & StubHub

While the ticket resale market is full of stories of buyers experiencing fraud, ticket sellers have experienced fraud too. While it’s not as common, sellers have lost out on money after dealing with shady buyers and platforms, and they’ve even been penalized due to false claims made by buyers.

Fortunately, fraud against sellers on Ticketmaster is rare because purchases, payments, and transfers are all orchestrated automatically by Ticketmaster themselves. This is because they usually only deal with tickets originally sold through Ticketmaster. Any issues that buyers experience are handled by Ticketmaster themselves, and not at the expense of the seller.

StubHub is a relatively safe and reliable site; however, fraud can happen to sellers when buyers make false claims about not receiving their tickets in time. This is a common scam that occurs so buyers can try to enjoy live events for free. When this happens, sellers can be penalized and even prevented from selling tickets in the future.


When delivering tickets sold through StubHub, be sure to hold on to evidence that your tickets were delivered to the buyer. If you sold digital tickets, take screenshots of any emails or mobile transfers. If you sold paper tickets, be sure to include tracking (if you can) and take screenshots of delivery notifications. This will prove to StubHub that you fulfilled your obligations as a seller in the event of a dispute.

Verdict: Ticketmaster makes fraud against sellers nearly impossible

The clear winner in this category is Ticketmaster. Since the entire process is administered through their platform, and they only resell tickets originally sold through their platform, it makes it incredibly difficult for a seller to experience fraud.

How selling tickets works on StubHub vs Ticketmaster

Hopefully this information is helping you decide which platform meets your needs better as a seller, and you’re ready to list your tickets. While the process is relatively similar on both platforms, there are some slight differences between selling on StubHub and selling on Ticketmaster. Follow the steps below for selling tickets on your platform of choice.

How selling works on Ticketmaster

  1. Go to Ticketmaster.com.
  2. Enter your ticket barcode or sign into My Account and tap on your order to view your tickets.
  3. Click the "Sell" button.
  4. Select and price the ticket(s) you'd like to sell.
  5. Submit your payment information.
  6. Review your listing.
  7. Submit your listing and wait for your tickets to sell.

Did You Know

Want to get started selling on Ticketmaster? Click here, then click on “Sign Up” to create an account.

How selling works on StubHub

  1. Go to StubHub.com.
  2. Sign in or create a StubHub account.
  3. Fill in all the details about your tickets, including the number of tickets, the seat numbers, and delivery details.
  4. Set your listing price.
  5. Submit your listing and wait for your tickets to sell.

Did You Know

Want to get started selling on StubHub? Click here and then click “Create account” to sign up.

Verdict: Ticketmaster has a slightly easier selling process
Since these platforms have nearly identical selling processes, whether or not you should sell tickets on StubHub vs Ticketmaster depends entirely on your personal preference. Ticketmaster is great for those who purchased their tickets through their platform, and who want an easier time selecting the tickets they want to sell. StubHub, on the other hand, is the better option for selling tickets purchased from any platform, and it will allow sellers more flexibility with selling prices.

Bottom line: best site to maximize reselling profit

When it comes to which site you should use for reselling tickets, it can be dependent on the specific event you have tickets for, the city you are in, and how sold out the event already is. This final section will cover the cases when you should use one site over the other, depending on your needs.

Comparison summary table: who wins in each seller category

Comparison Criteria

Who Won?

Seller fees


Refunds & ticket protection


Resale payment methods


Seller customer support


Other options for sellers


Fraud protection


How to sell tickets


Choose StubHub if the event is popular or sold out (for a profit!)

When it comes to making more money and saving money on fees while reselling tickets for live events, StubHub comes out on top. Sellers who want to make a profit should choose StubHub since it allows sellers to mark up prices for popular and sold out events. They even have helpful resources, such as their Pricing Assistant - which helps them choose the best prices for their tickets based on over 15 years of ticket data.

StubHub pricing assistant

Choose Ticketmaster if tickets are still plentiful

Ticketmaster’s Face Value Ticket Exchange allows fans to sell their tickets for the price they paid. This means that if the event isn’t sold out, you’ll have a hard time unloading them for a profit, especially on StubHub or another site.

Choose Ticketmaster if you want to recoup your money quickly

Did your plans unexpectedly fall through or someone in your group is no longer paying for their ticket? If you’re just looking to maximize your chances of getting back exactly what you paid, use the Face Value Ticket Exchange feature to your benefit. This is a great option, and you won’t have to worry about ticket delivery to a buyer or scams.

Choose StubHub if you need flexibility

Of the two platforms, StubHub offers the most amount of flexibility for payment options and listing settings. If being able to customize your ticket resale process is important to you, including how you are paid, StubHub will offer you better options.

While we were more inclined to choose StubHub for reselling tickets, Ticketmaster tends to be the better option for buying tickets. See our guide on Ticketmaster vs StubHub in 2023 for a breakdown on using both platforms to purchase tickets.

That’s everything you need to know about selling on Ticketmaster vs StubHub. In summary, Ticketmaster should be your go-to if you’re looking for a low effort selling process that will guarantee to get you your money back. StubHub is the best choice for those looking for flexibility in their listings and payouts, and those who want to try and make some extra money off tickets they no longer need.