Is Expedia Safe, Legit, and Reliable for Booking Travel?

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Now that you know a little bit about what Expedia is and how it works, you’re probably wondering if it is a safe website to book travel on. All booking websites have ways they protect their users, but they all also have safety concerns.

In this article, we’ll explore the potential pitfalls specific to Expedia, so you can stay safe if you use it to book travel.

Is Expedia safe? is one of the safest websites to book travel accommodations on. It is well-established, with thousands of users booking accommodations every day. It uses a secure server to store user information (including billing details), so users can book accommodations without the worry of exposing private information.

Is Expedia reliable?

Expedia is a reliable booking website, as it is partnered with many respected travel accommodation companies. This gives you tons of options, so you can usually find accommodations that work for you. Expedia also offers a “Best Price Guarantee,” travel insurance plans, and a lenient cancellation policy.

Is Expedia legit?

Expedia is a legitimate travel accommodation booking website that takes user satisfaction very seriously. They offer low prices and quick reservations on accommodations. You can also cancel your bookings (most likely) without incurring charges, and your reservations are guaranteed by Expedia. If you ever have an issue, you can always contact their customer support team.

4 safety tips for booking travel with Expedia

1. Read reviews and do as much research as you can about your accommodations.

There are many resources out there for finding information about travel accommodations, including reviews of the specific companies you want to book with. One great resource for this is, which has hundreds of thousands of reviews on accommodations from travelers all over the world! By researching the companies that are managing your accommodations, you can learn a lot about what you’re getting, especially from people who have recently tried them. This can help you better decide if the price you’re seeing is worth what you’re getting out of it.

2. Carefully verify all details of your reservation prior to booking.

Before confirming your booking, make sure you’ve reviewed every detail of your booking, including the terms and conditions and fine print. Though this can be daunting, it’s important to understand all these details before paying. Once you pay, it can sometimes be difficult to back out of a reservation, and you may incur some fees. You also want to understand what you’re getting with your booking beforehand, so you don’t get surprised by unexpected charges.

3. Never respond to suspicious emails, or to users claiming to be from Expedia.

Though it is a legitimate website, sometimes people attempt to run fraudulent scams by claiming to be from Expedia and requesting information from you. If you receive any suspicious-looking emails from people claiming to be from Expedia, you may want to tread carefully.

If someone is requesting personal or financial information from you outside of an Expedia booking form, you may want to contact its customer service team and see why they are requesting the information. If Expedia tells you that they aren’t requesting your information, or at least not in that manner, then it’s likely you are dealing with a scammer, and you should cut off contact with them.

4. Keep proof of your booking in a safe place, and take it with you when you travel.

Once you do reserve a booking with Expedia, you’re going to want to print out your travel documents and make sure to take them with you on your trip. This will ensure that you have confirmation of anything you may have paid for, which should eliminate any potential issues when you arrive at your destination.

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