Is Candy Crush Saga Free, and How Much Can It Cost?

So far, we’ve given you a brief introduction to what Candy Crush Saga is and how it works. In this lesson, we’ll get into how much it can cost you. Don’t fret too much; most of the game can be played without paying if you’re skilled… and maybe have a few friends on Facebook who can help you out.

Is Candy Crush Saga free?

Candy Crush Saga is free to download, install, and play on your mobile device. The only aspect of the game that costs money is the gold bar system, which acts as the currency for Candy Crush Saga. Gold bars can be purchased from the Candy Bank in the game, and then exchanged for various elements within the game.

How does Candy Crush Saga make money?

Candy Crush Saga primarily makes money by selling gold bars, the in-game currency for Candy Crush Saga. Gold bars are purchased from the Candy Bank and can be spent on various game elements to help the player advance, such as extra lives, power-ups, or unlocking the next set of levels in the game to play.

How much does Candy Crush Saga cost?

Gold bars in Candy Crush Saga cost varying amounts of money. 10 bars cost $1.40, 50 bars cost $7, 100 bars cost $14, 150 bars cost $21, 200 bars cost $28, 250 bars cost $29, 500 bars cost $55, and 1000 bars cost $105. These prices are in Canadian dollars, and may change to reflect the value of your local currency.

Game elements in Candy Crush Saga also cost varying numbers of gold bars. For a partial list of the gold bars required for buying things such as extra lives, boosters, and tickets to unlock a proceeding set of levels, see this page on the Candy Crush Saga Wiki.

Note that some elements that cost gold bars in Candy Crush Saga, such as getting extra lives or passing to the next set of levels, can be supplanted by contacting one’s friends on Facebook through the game, or passing certain other qualifications. One example is “Mystery Quests“, sets of previous levels with higher target scores.

Well, that’s a bit of information about how much Candy Crush Saga costs to play. Our next tutorial will have our review of the game.