Learn How to Use Groupon

By Corbin HartwickUpdated on March 15, 2022

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Now that you’ve signed up for Groupon, it’s time to a take a look at some great deals!

Finding a Deal on Groupon

There are so many different deals that it’s best to have an idea of what you’re looking for – or at least the category it falls in. Want a good gift for your girlfriend? Try looking for a spa Groupon. Are you a car enthusiast? Check out the automotive category.

Once you get on www.groupon.com and log in, you’ll be taken to Groupon’s homepage, which looks like the screenshot below. We’ve highlighted a few areas of interest. First, if you know generally what you’re looking for and where you want to get it, you can use the search bar at the top of the screen. Click in the left side and type in what you want, then click in the right side and type in where you want to look for it. Then click the magnifying glass to search.

You can also browse some general classes of Groupon goods and services by using the menu underneath the search bar. Local gets you top deals near your location. Goods gets you physical products that you can take home and use. Getaways is for deals on travel accommodations. Clearance is great for huge last-minute deals. Coupons let you get savings on everyday products. And Groupon usually has a seasonal section of deals, such as Fall Favorites seen here.

You can also just browse general categories of deals with the menu on the left-hand side. Or, if you’ve bought stuff from Groupon before, check out the Recommended for You section for deals you might like based on your past purchases.

When scrolling down on the home page, you’ll also be able to easily browse many unique deal categories that aren’t in the top menus. Categories like “Date Night Deals,” “Girls Night Out Deals,” and “Good For Gifting Deals” are a great way to browse for whatever you’re looking for. Each category has a quick link to View All in case you’d like to see more deals in that category.

How to Read a Groupon Deal

Once you’ve found a deal, you can check out the details of it quickly and easily. As a thumbnail, Groupon will show you a few things that will help you decide whether to check it out.

Among other things, you’ll see:

  • The name of the deal
  • The business offering the deal
  • The geographical location of the business
  • The suggested retail price of the deal
  • The discounted Groupon price of the deal

If you’ve found a deal you’re interested in, click on it to look at the deal in greater detail. It will show you the percentage discount, how much money you’re saving, how many people have bought it and more. On the right hand side, it will even show you how much time is left before the deal expires (note: if a deal expires on Groupon and you’ve already bought a voucher, the voucher is still valid).

By scrolling down, you’ll be able to read what you’ll get from the deal. For this example, the deal is good for one appetizer, one entrée and one dessert per person. Also enjoy an extra 10% off any bottle of wine with the Groupon. Some, like in this case, will give you a link to look at the menu available.

On the right hand side, you’ll see reviews and how many stars the restaurant has. By clicking the link, you’ll be able to read the reviews. Above this is the fine print. Always read the fine print before buying the Groupon. In this case, the Groupon expires 90 days after purchase, reservations are required, and this Groupon is good for dine-in only (no takeout).

Buying a Groupon

If you’ve decided you want the Groupon, click Buy on the right hand side. If there is more than one deal within that Groupon, choose the deal you prefer. In this case, it’s a dinner for two or a dinner for four.

As of yet, you haven’t entered billing information, so now you’ll be prompted to do so. Complete the required sections, including:

  • Your name, as it appears on your credit card
  • Your credit card number
  • Your credit card’s expiry date (month and year)
  • Your credit card’s security code (click the blue “?” for help finding it)
  • Your street address
  • Your city of residence
  • Your territory of residence
  • Your mailing code

Make sure to review your purchase to make sure it’s correct. When you’re done, click Complete Order to purchase a voucher.

Shortly after, you should receive and email from Groupon confirming your purchase and giving you and printable voucher. The voucher will have all the fine print, so there’s no need to worry about remembering it from the website. If you’ve bought a ticket that has a book-by date, it will also say this on the voucher so that you can book an appointment or reservation as soon as possible.