How to Retweet on Twitter

By Corbin HartwickUpdated on June 14, 2018

Ever hear something that you think is too good not to be repeated? Retweeting works just like that. When someone tweets something, you can retweet it, which means that you tweet the exact same thing with the push of a button. This way, all of your followers can see it, too.

Why Retweet?

If you’re following a major news outlet or a community centre in your neighbourhood, you might want to let your followers know what’s going on in your area if something important crops up. For example, if a local school is holding a fundraiser for charity, you can help spread the word by retweeting their tweet.

How to Retweet

There are two ways to retweet someone’s tweet. The first is to directly retweet it with the push of a button, and the second is to create a new tweet and copy and paste their tweet into yours.

Direct Retweeting

1. Find the tweet that you want to share. Once you find it, click the Retweet button.

2. A window will pop up that shows the original tweet. Click Retweet in the bottom right corner to retweet it.

3. Once you’ve retweeted it, two things will happen. Where it once said “Retweet”, it will now say “Retweeted”, to let you know you’ve already sent it out to your followers.

Also, when you go to your home page and look at your tweets, it will show the original tweet with a small “Retweeted by [Your Name]” above.

Copy and Paste Retweet

If you want to add in your own comment to the tweet, you won’t be able to do that by directly retweeting. In this case, here’s what to do:

Compose a new tweet (see our How to Tweet tutorial for help on how to do this) and paste the original tweet into the composition box. At the beginning of the tweet, add any comments you wish to include in your tweet, and then mention who you are retweeting from by saying “Retweet” (or “RT”) and their Twitter handle (“@HuffingtonPost”, in this example).

Click Tweet to finish and post it so that your followers can see it, too.

And those are two different methods you can use to retweet something on Twitter!