If you’re having trouble using Spotify, the website has an extensive help section that should answer most common questions. They also have a community forum where you can ask other users and Spotify moderating staff for help.

If you still can’t solve the problem(s) you’re having with Spotify, the most efficient way to get in touch with their customer support team is to fill out their online contact form.

Note that contacting Spotify customer service is also the only way to delete your Spotify account.

To get in touch with Spotify’s support team:

1. Go to spotify.com in your web browser and log in.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click About.

Go to Spotify's "About" page

3. When you reach Spotify’s general information page, you should see an option under the “Customer Service and Support” section called Contact Form. Click it.

Open the Spotify contact form

4. To begin, click the drop-down menu beside “1” and select the general reason why you want to contact Spotify (e.g. you’re having trouble logging into your account, playing your music, or managing your subscription).

Then, click the drop-down menu beside “2” and select the specific issue that you are having. For example, if your problem is with playing music, your issue may be that your songs are stuttering, don’t work while you’re offline, or don’t work at all.

Filling out the Spotify contact form

Depending on your choices, you may have additional options in further drop-down menus. For instance, you may be able to identify the exact nature of your issue, or you may be able to select the device that you are using Spotify on (as your problem may be platform-specific).

Once you’re done with the drop-down menus, click in the box labelled “Please Enter Your Question” and type in as many details as you can about the problem that you’re having. Then click Send Question.

5. Watch your email account for a response from Spotify, and see what advice they give you.

Other ways to get help with Spotify

How to contact Spotify by email

As an alternative to our recommendation of using the contact form, you can try emailing Spotify at support@spotify.com.

Spotify’s customer service number

Spotify may be able to be reached in the United States at (917)-565-3894.

We hope that you’re able to get in touch with Spotify and work together to solve your problem!