We just showed you how to use Hoopla on your desktop computer or laptop, but you can also borrow and enjoy titles from your local library on the go with the Hoopla app for mobile devices! This tutorial will show you how to get it.

(NOTE: These instructions are based on the use of a mobile phone running the Google Android operating system. We will provide cues when the process may differ on devices running Apple's iOS operating system, such as iPads and iPhones.)

To download and install the Hoopla app:

1. Turn on your mobile device and look for Play Store (or App Store on iOS devices) in your app manager. Tap it to open it.

Finding and opening the app store on your mobile device

2. Tap the search box (it will be in the top-middle portion of the screen on Android devices, and the top-right portion of the screen on iOS devices) and type in "hoopla".

Searching for the Hoopla app

A list of suggested searches should appear in a drop-down menu. Tap the one that says "hoopla digital". (On Android devices, as shown here, the Hoopla logo will appear to point you right to the app.)

3. Once you find the Hoopla app, tap Install (or, on iOS devices, Get and then Install).

Installing the Hoopla app

(NOTE: If you are asked to log into your Google or Apple account, do so unless you are given an option to skip it or back out. It costs absolutely no money to download and use Hoopla, after all!)

4. You will be informed that Hoopla may need to use certain functions on your mobile device. If you're okay with it doing so, tap Accept.

Giving the Hoopla app permissions on your mobile device

5. The Hoopla app will begin downloading and installing. When it finishes, tap Open to launch it.

There you go! You can now borrow titles from Hoopla on the go from your mobile device with the Hoopla app! It shouldn't work all that differently from what we showed you in our previous tutorial, so enjoy what you find on Hoopla!