How to Contact TripAdvisor

By Kay FleuryUpdated on March 17, 2022

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If you’re using TripAdvisor and run into some issue, you may want to contact its customer service department and get them to help you. But what kind of options does TripAdvisor offer its users for contacting their customer service team?

TripAdvisor does not offer standard customer service. Instead, users must sign into their accounts and access the peer-to-peer support forum. You can post your issue at and have it answered by travel experts. You can also browse TripAdvisor’s help guide, which answers common questions.

The help section of TripAdvisor’s website is quite comprehensive. Also, in the TripAdvisor support forum, you can ask any question you like. If you have a specific issue with a booking you made, remember that TripAdvisor only books as a partner with another website; try contacting that website first to solve your issue. However, sometimes you really want the personal touch; for those times, your friends here at TechBoomers have found a contact number for TripAdvisor’s main office.

To contact TripAdvisor customer service, try calling them at 1-781-800-5000 to speak to a customer service representative. Remember that TripAdvisor wants you to use its website to solve your issues, so don’t be surprised if you are referred to the forum to solve any issues you are having while using TripAdvisor.

Detailed Instructions on how to solve TripAdvisor issues

1. Visit TripAdvisor’s user help page

In your web browser, enter into your address bar. This will give you access to the help webpage. From here, you can discover the answers to many questions or issues you may be having.

2. Browse the help guide to see if your problem has been solved

The simplest solution to your problem may be to navigate through TripAdvisor’s help guide, as it contains solutions to common problems users have and FAQs, and it even lets you search for keywords to help you with an issue you may be having. Try entering your issue into the search bar first to see if your issue has already been solved!

3. Access the TripAdvisor contact form

On the top menu bar, click on Contact Us. From the drop-down menu, click General Support.

4. Sign in to your account

Choosing from your Facebook account, your Google account, or your email account, select the option you use for logging into your account. Click one of the colored buttons and follow the instructions to log in through your Google or Facebook accounts, or click in the highlighted boxes and type in your email address and password, then click the green Sign In button at the bottom of the page.

5. Access the support forum to post your problem and have it answered

From this page, you can search through another help guide, report a business, or read through user forums to help you solve your problems. Click on any blue link if its description matches your needs. If not, click Support Forum.

In the support forum, you can post your issue in a topic category and have it answered by other users. Because TripAdvisor only books through its partners, there is no official customer service team to assist you. Try posting your issue on the forum and see who responds.

6. Call TripAdvisor’s secret customer service number

If all of this fails, or you really want to speak to a TripAdvisor representative, try calling their main office at 1-781-800-5000. Remember, TripAdvisor will likely not be able to assist you over the phone in any way that they cannot assist you on the website. Be sure it’s absolutely necessary to call them if you do, especially because their number is not toll-free.

3 TripAdvisor Customer Service Tips

1. Always look through the Help Guide first

TripAdvisor has created a vast help guide to help you navigate through problems that you may have while on Chances are good that someone else has had the same issue you are having, so why not quickly glance through the guide? You can also search for a solution by keyword; for instance, try typing “technical issue” to see if TripAdvisor has any advice for you on how to proceed.

2. Use the support forum to post your own question

If you can’t find your issue in the help guide, TripAdvisor has a community of users who can help one another through forum-based interaction. In the forum, you can search for you issue by keyword, or create your own ticket and have experts answer the issues you are having. There are over 46, 000 posted forum points, so try searching for your issue first.

3. Contact TripAdvisor’s partner companies directly

If your issue is one regarding booking you made on TripAdvisor’s website, keep in mind that TripAdvisor itself is not actually a booking website. TripAdvisor makes partnerships with other vacation booking websites (such as, allowing them to post the most up-to-date prices on their website, and refer you to the booking websites with the lowest prices for the properties you are interested in.

If you’re experiencing a booking issue, check and see which of its partners you have booked your vacation with. Then try to contact their customer service department; booking websites often have 24/7 customer service phone numbers, or easily accessible customer service contact forms online.

If you’re having an irreconcilable issue with TripAdvisor and think you may be done with it, check out this tutorial on how to delete your account. You can also check out our list of the best websites like TripAdvisor if you want to try an alternative.