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By Corbin HartwickUpdated on March 9, 2022

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There are quite a few e-commerce websites out there like; some from rival (electronics) retail stores, and others that are stand-alone online marketplaces. We’ve come up with a list of 3 of the most popular of each, for a total of 6.

Top 3 stand-alone alternatives


Amazon logo


This former book retailer has become one of the giants of online shopping. Not only does Amazon have numerous electronics and appliance products for sale (some of which it has developed itself), but it also has a various assortment of other goods sold by either Amazon or third parties.

We have a course on Amazon, if you’re interested.

eBay competitor - eBay


This is another popular general online retailer that started as an auction-only website, but now sells items directly as well. eBay is still rather popular for its auction format, though; if you know what you’re doing, you can win items from eBay sellers at below-retail prices.

Our course on eBay has both instructions for buying as well as tips for participating in auctions.

NewEgg competitor - NewEgg


If you’re looking for a stand-alone online retailer that specializes in electronics, then NewEgg is one of your best bets. It has all sorts of high-tech computer hardware and programs, video games, movies, home appliances, and more. They have won several awards for customer support and expedient service.

Top 3 sites like based on retail chains

Wal-Mart competitor -


Wal-Mart is one of the largest general retail chains in the world, and it has an online companion as well. Known for its low prices, Wal-Mart offers services on its website such as music downloads and photo processing. Like, it allows you to order items online and pick them up at your nearest Wal-Mart store.

Target competitor -


Another popular retail chain, Target’s online branch at offers many of the same kinds of products and services as or Target’s focus is on trendy products at reduced prices, as opposed to Wal-Mart’s commitment to low prices on everything.

Sears competitor -


Sears is another long-running retail chain that has made the transition to the online world. At, you can order all sorts of different items, both electronic and not, and pick them up at a nearby Sears store or have them delivered to you. Like Amazon, Sears also has a “Marketplace” function where you can sell your own wares.

What’s your favourite place to shop for electronics online? Is it Is it one of the alternatives that we’ve mentioned here? Is it another franchise entirely? Let us know on our social media feeds or in the comments below, and share your experience!