10 Best Online Tutoring Services to Help Your Child Learn

By Kay FleuryUpdated on June 7, 2018

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If you have a child that’s in school or if you’re in school yourself, hiring a tutor might be something you’re interested in. However, tutoring services may be hard to find in your area, or maybe you don’t have time to go in person to see a tutor.

Fortunately, with the help of the Internet, there are many online tutoring services available to you! We’re going to tell you about our top ten picks for online tutoring services. There are many benefits to online tutoring, so if you’d like to learn about those first, jump down to our 5 reasons to get a tutor for your child. If not, let’s get started with the best online tutoring services for children.

Top 10 tutoring services online

1. Sylvan

Sylvan website

One very popular tutoring service we want to mention is SylvanLearning.com. Sylvan offers tutoring for children in kindergarten to grade 12, as well as college preparation and standardized test preparation. They have tutoring programs for subjects like writing and math, as well as teaching general studying skills and help with homework and school assignments.

Once your child has been paired with a Sylvan tutor and has started sessions, you can track their progress with the mySylvan site for parents. See how your child is doing, find additional activities and more information.

2. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors website

Next, we have Chegg Tutors (chegg.com/tutors). Their tutoring services are available 24/7 to help you with subjects like math, science, languages, and engineering, as well as test prep for exams like the SAT or LSAT. Tutoring is available for high school and college level students, and can be accessed online on the Chegg site or on their mobile app for iOS and Android.

Besides their tutoring services, Chegg also offers fun advice, quizzes, and entertainment for students on Chegg Play. They can also help you save money on the cost of your school textbooks with affordable textbook rentals, used textbooks, and eTextbooks.

3. Tutor.com

Tutor.com website

Tutor.com is another awesome online tutoring website with help available 24/7. There are 40 different subjects offered for tutoring, including calculus, statistics, chemistry, biology, foreign languages, and other topics related to math, science, social studies, business and more.

Tutor.com has a few different membership options, allowing individual students, corporations, and libraries to sign up for the services available. There are even memberships available for free for children of U.S. Military families – see if your family is eligible here.

4. Growing Stars

Growing Stars website

Our next recommendation is called GrowingStars.com. This site pairs students with an experienced, educated tutor for one-on-one, online tutoring sessions. Your child will be working with the same tutor for every session, unlike some other tutoring services where you will have a session with whatever tutor is available.

Growing Stars tutoring sessions are scheduled for the same time each week, but students can contact their tutor through their instant messaging system if any additional help is needed outside of their regularly scheduled sessions. The tutor will have the same textbook that your child is using in school, to help align the tutoring with lessons taught at school.

5. TutorVista

Tutor Vista website

TutorVista.com is an affordable online tutoring service that has provided millions of students worldwide with the help they need to succeed in their educational endeavours. There are over 2000 tutors working for TutorVista globally, so someone will always be available when your child needs help.

TutorVista sessions allow tutors and students to chat online and draw out problems on a virtual “white board” so they can work through them together. There is also a chat window which allows the student to ask questions and the tutor to give explanations and answer questions.

If you’re looking for other educational resources and practice for your child outside of their tutoring sessions, you can also find great online “worksheets” on the TutorVista site.

6. HelpHub

HelpHub website

Next up is HelpHub.me. This site offers instant messaging and calls to connect students with a tutor online to get help with school subjects, homework, and test preparation. HelpHub claims to be able to help students “master any subject” with their online tutors. The services offered by HelpHub have been featured on The Globe and Mail and Global News.

With HelpHub you don’t have to worry about contracts or monthly payments – you can pay as you go without any commitments so you only pay for the tutoring services you actually use. Help is available 24/7 on their website.

7. TutorMe.com

TutorMe website

TutorMe.com is a website offering personalized, one-on-one tutoring sessions online. During your session, you can have a video chat with your tutor, share your screen, send instant messages, and more. Rate your tutor after your session to let others know how your session went.

You can sign up for a free trial of TutorMe, and once you’ve created your account you can get connected with a tutor in less than 30 seconds, 24/7! TutorMe offers tutoring for over 300 subjects and in all grade levels, so you can get help with whatever subject you want to learn.

8. Skooli

Skooli website

Our next recommendation for tutoring online is Skooli.com. With this site, you can learn from certified educators who have a professional teacher’s licence, master’s degree, or PhD. You can sign up for free and learn at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

You can improve your grades risk free with Skooli’s satisfaction guarantee. You get to choose your tutor from hundreds of options so you can find someone appropriate for the subject you want help with as well as the grade level you’re in. Schedule your session with the tutor of your choice, and learn at home or on the go with the Skooli app.

9. FirstTutors.com

First Tutors website

If you’re looking for an international service offering online classes with a tutor, FirstTutors.com is for you! First Tutors works across Canada, The U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and more. You can choose to meet with a tutor online, or connect with someone who can come teach your child in the comfort of your own home.

First Tutors can help your child catch up with a school subject, improve their grades, teach them a new subject outside of the classroom, or challenge them more with subjects they are already good at. Hiring a tutor through First Tutors can help increase motivation, facilitate better learning with different teaching styles, and give your child the confidence boost they need to succeed in their education.

10. Khan Academy

Khan Academy website

Last but certainly not least is KhanAcademy.org. This website offers free tutoring online, and is one of the most popular learning websites out there. You can find educational resources for a wide variety of subjects, like math, computers, science, languages, history, and economics. You can search for resources by subject or by grade.

Khan Academy also offers support for those preparing for a standardized test like SAT, MCAT, GMAT, etc. You can even get information that will help you with exploring college options, applying to colleges, managing your personal finances, and starting your career! Khan Academy has resources for people of all ages, and can help your child from kindergarten all the way through college, for free!

5 reasons to get a tutor for your child

  • Help them with subjects they struggle with – if there is a particular subject you know you or your child has trouble with, using an online tutor may help the learning process.
  • Get in extra learning outside of school – online tutoring is available outside of the normal school-year time. Get a head start on the next grade or get caught up with the previous one.
  • Learn something new – tutoring doesn’t have to be only for subjects already being learned in school. You can also choose new subjects to learn at home! You can learn a new language, or even a new musical instrument!
  • Fits your schedule – having an online tutor makes it easy to work with your own schedule and lifestyle. Have a learning session whenever you want.
  • Prepare for higher-level schooling – it’s never too early to start helping them learn the things they need to know to prepare for the schools they want to attend later in life.

There are so many great reasons to start using an online tutor. Are you convinced? We sure are!

These ten sites are our top favorites to find tutors online and get the educational help we all need sometimes. If you’re interested in online schooling, head over to our article on online college courses. You can also learn about almost any topic through e-learning sites like Udemy and Coursera. Check out our other online learning articles if you’d like to find out about other websites and apps that can teach you new things!