Top 5 Apps for Visual Processing Disorder that are Helpful & Fun

By Matt RedererUpdated on November 20, 2020

Identifying and understanding the images and objects we see in our day-to-day lives can seem instinctual to a lot of us. For those with visual processing disorder, this can be a regular struggle.

While regular therapy is incredibly helpful in overcoming VPD, parents of kids with the disorder and adults who also struggle might want additional methods of helping them improve their visual processing. Luckily, several apps for visual processing disorder exist that are both fun and beneficial.

Keep reading to learn about the best apps for visual processing disorder. If you’d like to expand your search, check out the best visual schedule apps for autism.

Top 5 apps for visual processing disorder to practice with visual intake

While apps specifically for VPD are harder to find, these are the best ones. They have stood the test of time as being both helpful and entertaining.

1. Matrix Game 3

Matrix Game 3 gameplay

Download It Now: Android | iOS

Cost: Free or upgrade to the full version for $4.99

Best Feature: Fun gameplay that helps users recognize the characteristics of shapes.

Matrix Game 3 is an app for users aged 6 and older who are looking to improve their visual processing skills. The game works by presenting users with a matrix that has certain visual rules for each row and column. The player’s job is to move certain shapes into spaces in the matrix where they fit those rules. There’s also Matrix Game 1 and Matrix Game 2, which are available for users aged 4+ and 5+, respectively.

2. Look Again! Lite

Look Again! Lite Level 1

Download It Now: iOS

Cost: Free

Best Feature: Unique puzzles that help users learn to identify shapes.

Look Again! is a puzzle app for those wanting to improve their visual perception. The app works by showing users an image with overlapped shapes, and then asking them to identify the individual shapes they see in the image. If you manage to beat the first 12 levels, you can also upgrade to the paid version for $1.99.

3. Hidden Pictures Puzzle Play

Hidden Pictures Puzzle Play gameplay

Download It Now: Android | iOS

Cost: 14-day free trial; subscriptions available for $3.99/month or $29.99/year

Best Feature: Interactive images that make puzzle-solving fun.

Hidden Pictures Puzzle Play is a gaming app designed to help users improve their visual perception while having lots of fun! The app works by asking users to locate hidden objects within interactive images. It challenges players while also helping them relax and motivate themselves.

4. Visual Attention Therapy Lite

Visual Attention Therapy Lite Level 6

Download It Now: Android | iOS

Cost: Free

Best Feature: Easy-to-use format for practicing object identification.

Visual Attention Therapy is an app designed to help those struggling with visual perception improve their ability to recognize objects. The lite version of the app allows users to practice identifying specific letters and symbols within a large group. If you enjoy this app, you can also check out the paid version for more features.

5. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope gameplay

Download It Now: Android | iOS

Cost: Free, in-app purchases available

Best Feature: Entertaining game that helps players understand the visuals they see and touch.

Cut the Rope has been a popular game for many years purely on its entertainment merits. However, it also offers great benefits to those working to improve their visual perception skills. The objective of the game is to help feed a little monster named Om Nom pieces of candy by cutting various ropes while avoiding traps. While it’s highly addictive to players of all kinds, the app also helps users to work on their visual cognition.

Those are our top five apps for visual processing disorder. We hope these apps provide you with a lot of fun and help. If you’re looking for apps that can help in other ways, check out our apps for expressive language disorder and apps for auditory processing disorder.