Airbnb Coupon Codes and Travel Credits

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Now that we’ve taught you how to rent a property to stay at through Airbnb, do you want to know how to get an even better deal on it? We bet you do! There are two major ways that you can save money on bookings: coupon codes and travel credits.

What are Airbnb coupon codes?

Coupon codes for Airbnb are special combinations of letters and/or numbers given out to Airbnb customers via email. However, they can also often be found on coupon websites and online travel forums. They usually offer you some sort of discount on a particular reservation that you make.

There are a couple of things to note about using coupon codes, namely:

  • Only coupon codes specifically issued by Airbnb will be honoured.
  • If a coupon code has expired, it cannot be re-activated.
  • Only one coupon code can be used at a time on a particular booking.
  • You can’t use a coupon code on a reservation after you’ve already booked it.
  • If the coupon code is worth more than your booking, you won’t receive the difference as credit.
  • Each coupon code can only be used once on any particular account.
  • If you cancel a booking that you used a coupon code on, you can’t use that coupon code again.

How do I get Airbnb coupon codes?

To receive coupon codes, go to and log into your account. Move your mouse cursor over your profile picture and click Account Settings. Under “Email Settings”, click the top check box to mark it. Then click Save at the bottom. You should now occasionally receive codes via email.

As we noted in the section above, other Airbnb users who get coupon codes this way may share them on virtual coupon websites or online travel forums. To find them, type “airbnb coupon codes” (or something like that) into your search engine of choice, and then check out one or more of the websites or web pages that show up as results. The coupon codes themselves shouldn’t be too hard to find once you get to a website or web page that has them, but if you don’t know what to look for, they usually look something like this:

An Airbnb coupon code

How do I use coupon codes?

To use an Airbnb coupon code once you’ve found it, go to and log into your account. Find a listing eligible for the coupon code’s terms and begin booking it. When you are asked how you will pay for your booking, click Coupon Code, type your code in the box that appears, and then click Apply.

Here’s the process in a little more detail, complete with a few pictures:

1. Find a proprty that you’d like to stay at, and start the process of booking it.

2. When you get to the section where you have to input your billing information, look on the right-hand side for pricing information, and click Coupon Code.

Applying an Airbnb coupon code

3. Click in the text box that appears and type in your coupon code. Then click Apply.

Confirming the use of an Airbnb coupon code

If you did the process successfully, and your coupon code is valid, you should see the price reduction appear in the pricing information box. If your coupon code is not valid, it may be for one of the reasons that we listed in the “What are Airbnb Coupon Codes?” section. Your best bet is to find another coupon code and keep trying!

What are Airbnb travel credits?

Airbnb travel credits are like extra money that can help cover the costs of your property rentals. You can earn them by booking your first reservation after being referred by a friend. You can also earn them when a friend whom you referred to Airbnb completes their first booking or hosting.

If you refer a friend to sign up for an Airbnb account, you will receive $30 US in travel credit when they complete their first property rental, or $70 US when they complete their first rental property hosting through Airbnb. You can get both bonuses if your friend both stays as a guest and hosts other guests through Airbnb, so you can earn up to $100 US in travel credit for each friend that you refer to Airbnb!

Also note that, if you sign up for Airbnb and use it to complete a property rental after being referred by a friend, you’ll receive $30 in travel credit to use on that first booking.

How do I refer friends to Airbnb in order to get travel credits?

Travel credits are rewards that you get for inviting your friends to try Airbnb. To start this process:

1. Go to in your web browser and log in.

Logging into your Airbnb account

2. Move your mouse cursor over your profile picture in the top-right corner and click Travel Credit in the menu that drops down.

How to access the Airbnb travel credit referral program

3. Click inside the box labelled “Enter Email Addresses” and type in the email address of a friend whom you think might be interested in using Airbnb. You can type in multiple email addresses for multiple friends; just make sure to use a comma (“,”) to separate each one. You can also click the “X” beside an email address that you’ve entered to remove it from the list.

How to refer people to Airbnb via email

If you have a Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or (Microsoft) Outlook Mail email account, you can send Airbnb referrals to all of your contacts at once! Click Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook Mail to connect your Airbnb account to the respective email account and automatically import a list of your contacts.

When you’re all finished, click Send Invites.

4. There is also another way to get the word out about Airbnb. Below the email invitation interface, you can click Copy beside “Share Your Link” to copy a hyperlink to your invitation. Then, you can paste it into an email or social network post, depending on whom you want to send it to.

(As an aside, if you haven’t signed up for an account yet, you can use the invitation hyperlink displayed in the screenshot below to sign up with a bit of travel credit. Consider it a gift from us at TechBoomers!)

How to refer people to Airbnb via hyperlink or Facebook

Also, if you click Messenger or Facebook here, you can automatically include your invitation to Airbnb in a private message to someone on Facebook, or in a general Facebook status update (respectively). Note that you will need to follow the prompt that appears and log into your Facebook account (if you haven’t already) before you can do this.

Now, all you have to do is wait for your friends to sign up for Airbnb and complete their first stay and/or hosting. Then your travel credits will automatically be added to your account!

What should I know about getting or using travel credits?

  • When you refer a friend to Airbnb, they will have to sign up for an Airbnb account AND complete a stay or hosting before you receive travel credits. A cancelled stay or hosting will not count.
  • A friend referred to Airbnb must have their first stay or hosting through Airbnb be worth at least $75 US, not including cleaning fees or other taxes, for you to receive travel credits. This amount may be lower during certain promotional periods.
  • You can earn up to a maximum of $5000 US in travel credits on any single Airbnb account.
  • Any available travel credits on your account will automatically be used to cover the cost of any qualifying reservations (i.e. most bookings worth $75 US or more, excluding fees and taxes) that you make through Airbnb.
  • You cannot use travel credits together with coupon codes.

All right! That’s about everything that we can tell you about how to get and use coupon codes or travel credits on Airbnb! Now get out there and start saving on your property rentals!