What Smule Sing Is and How to Sing with Your Favorite Celebs

By Kay FleuryUpdated on March 11, 2022

If you love karaoke, or just singing in general, then we have the app for you! Smule Sing is the latest and greatest way to do online karaoke, and is a great way to connect with your friends… or just perfect strangers with perfect voices! If you download Smule Sing, there’s even a chance you may get to sing one of your favorite songs with your favorite artists!

We have answers to all your Smule-related questions here, and can show you step-by-step how to set it up and start using it! We’ll break down:

  • What Smule Sing is and how it works
  • How much it may cost you
  • Reasons why you should download it
  • How to sign up

If you love singing, especially with other people, then read on!

What is Smule Sing?

Smule Sing is an application that allows you to sing karaoke on your mobile device. You can connect with other users and sing karaoke duets together, listen to each other’s songs, or just chat. Or, if you want to sing solo, go ahead – it’s all for free! You can even record and share your sessions!

The default song library contains thousands of songs from a variety of musical genres to choose from. There’s pop, 80s/90s, country, rock, rap, K-Pop (Korean pop music), movie soundtracks, and much more. You can sing smash hits such as:

  • My Heart Will Go On (from Titanic) – Celine Dion
  • Thinking of You – Ed Sheeran
  • Un-Break My Heart – Toni Braxton
  • Jar of Hearts – Christina Perri
  • Forever – Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & Eminem
  • Bring Me to Life – Evanescence
  • Let It Go (from Disney’s Frozen) – Idina Menzel
  • Killing Me Softly – The Fugees

There are even holiday-themed songs to get you in the spirit of the season, as well as traditional songs like “Happy Birthday” or “Amazing Grace.” To see the full song library that Smule Sing has to offer, click here.

How does Smule Sing work?

Getting started with Smule Sing

Your first step is to open the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and search for and download the Smule Sing app.

Smule Sing app in Android Store

Download Now: Android | iOS

Next, open the app and create an account. You can use an email address, Google account, Facebook account, or phone number.

Smule sign up screen

Once you’ve signed up, customize your Smule Sing experience by letting it know what you like to sing. That will give you a song to start out with!

Choose music you likie to listen to or sing

How to sing on Smule Sing

The first thing you need to do is search for a song you want to rock out to. Tap the microphone icon in the bottom menu of the app to start searching for songs.

Search for songs

You can browse lists like “Top Hits,” “Trending Now,” “New,” “Free,” and more! Once you find a song you like, tap the blue Sing button beside it. From there, you can choose to sing the song as a Solo, Duet, or Group. You can also choose to join someone else’s existing karaoke song and sing with them!

Choose number of singers

Now you’re all set to sing. Plug your headphones in, line your camera up so it’s displaying your face well, and start jammin’!

Singing along with Smule

Connecting with others on Smule Sing

Tap the Buddy icon in the lower menu to check out your Smule Sing feed and see what other users are up to! You can also watch other people’s song recordings by tapping the Headphones icon in the lower menu. This is a great way to start finding other people on Smule Sing that may want to sing the same songs as you! You can also check out your Notifications to find invitations from people who want to sing with you – including celebrities.

Smule menu

You can also send messages on Smule Sing by tapping the Notifications icon and then the Messages icon in the top-right corner. You can message anyone you’ve already connected with.

Messages on Smule

Other Smule Sing features

  • Follow users you like and get notified when they upload new performances
  • Become a “featured user” on Smule Sing may if you get a lot of followers!
  • You can stream some music for free!
  • Share your recordings, or your favorite recordings from other users, on your social media pages.
  • Like and comment on any posted recordings.
  • See how many people have viewed your recordings.
  • See which of your friends uses Smule Sing as well, so you can connect for a duet!
  • Get recommendations for popular recordings based on what you sing or listen to.
  • Sing with audio and video recordings of songs by your favorite artists!
  • Visit the cool blog, with weekly posts that can inspire you.

4 tips for singing on Smule Sing

1. Use headphones that have a microphone attached, rather than just your phone’s internal microphone.

For the best quality audio recording, it’s always recommended that you plug headphones with an attached microphone into your mobile device. Using the microphone on your device will make your voice sound distant and slightly distorted. The microphone on your headphones is closer to your mouth, so it will enhance the quality of the recording. Plus, you can easily move the microphone around by bending or rotating the wire that connects it to your headphones.

Headphone warning

2. Point your camera at your face, and hold it steady or mount it.

If you’re recording a session with video – which is a great way to get famous on Smule Sing – you should make sure to get in a comfortable position where you can hold your device steady. You’ll be using the front-facing camera (like you’re taking a selfie), so you’ll need to make sure you get your entire face in the frame. Make sure to keep your device steady throughout the duration of the song, so that your face stays in the frame.

You may want to consider using a mobile device mount like this one, so that the camera can stay steady and in one place while you focus on your singing. This is especially helpful if you like to sing lengthy songs.

3. Record your sessions in a quiet, private area.

To ensure your recordings are post-worthy, you’re going to need to make sure to make them in a quiet area where no one will disturb you. Though you can re-record a song or start a recording over again, you’ll have a much easier time getting a good recording with your first few tries if you’re in a quiet place.

Also, if you’re recording a video session, be sure to check your surroundings for anything embarrassing or offensive in the background. You don’t want that kind of stuff showing up in your session, or else Smule Sing might take it off the app, and it won’t be seen by anyone.

4. Practice your song beforehand, review it, and then post a perfect recording.

You can re-record a session as many times as you want, but you’re probably going to want to avoid spending all day trying to nail that perfect, share-worthy recording. So instead, just try warming up and singing your song to yourself before you even open the app! Then, when you record for real, listen to how your session turned out before you post it. If it isn’t perfect, don’t post it yet, and try again. Remember, you’re never obligated to post your recordings on Smule Sing, so make sure you love them before you do!

Is Smule Sing free?

Smule Sing is mostly free. There is no cost to download it, sign up for an account, or use most features. These include singing, collaborating, and posting sessions on social media. However, unless you have a VIP subscription, some features are limited, such as the specific songs you can sing.

Smule VIP costs $7.99/month, or $39.99 if you pay for a yearly subscription.

With Smule VIP, you get:

  • Unlimited access to the entire Smule song library – over 2000 songs
  • Shared access – use Smule Sing across multiple Android or iOS devices
  • Ad removal – no more advertisements in the app

6 reasons to download Smule Sing today

1. It’s a blast!

Smule Sing is one of the most fun apps out there on the market today – if you like singing. It’s fun to sing karaoke, but it’s also nice to be able to do it in your own home. Smule Sing is great even if you’re shy, because you can record and enjoy your own karaoke without having to share it with anyone. But if you think you’ve got real talent, you should post your sessions and see how many other users think so, too!

2. It has a huge song library.

There are thousands of songs in the Smule song library from a variety of genres. You’re guaranteed to find a song you like from any of the following genres and themes:













Classic Rock














Top Hits

3. You can participate in singing competitions.

Smule runs signing competitions every once in a while to see who can do the best rendition of a song. They post the results on social media, and often feature the winning sessions within the Smule Sing app. So if you end up winning a contest, many more people will see your work!

4. You can sing your favorite songs with the celebrities you love!

Many celebrity artists have partnered with Smule to record karaoke versions of their songs. These recordings are saved and offered to all users. You can sing a duet with your favorite celeb, and then share it with others! Many people who have done this have had their recordings watched hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube. It’s also a once-in-a-lifetime experience to get the opportunity to sing one of your favorite songs with the artist who created it.

Some of the artists who have partnered with Smule include:

5. Smule posts weekly themes that you can jump on board with.

If you check out or follow the Smule blog, you can check out the weekly musical themes. If you’re active on Smule Sing and like posting on social media, there are tons of hashtags to follow. There are also plenty of themed videos, if you like watching other people’s recordings. Some past themes include musicals, summer, acapella, and alternative.

6. You can collaborate with people all over the world.

Smule Sing is a great way to meet other talented singers who want to sing with you! You might be able to meet someone whom you have great singing chemistry with, and then hold jam sessions with them on a regular basis! You can create great collaborations and make friends with people who love to rock out – just like you.

We hope this article gave you a great intro to Smule Sing, and taught you everything you need to know to download it and start singing today! Make sure you check it out and see if your favorite artist is on Smule Sing. You may be able to sing a dream duet with them!