What is Lyft and How Does It Work?

By Kay FleuryUpdated on March 16, 2022

Traditional taxi services have a lot of drawbacks, especially because not much has changed over the years in terms of improvements to taxi cabs and what they offer to passengers. Taxis don’t let you know when they’re arriving, and in some cases, don’t show up at all. You also have no idea how much your ride will cost until you leave the taxi, at which point you’re likely fumbling for cash to pay your driver with.

Lyft took all of these negative experiences with taxis into account when developing their taxi service.

What is Lyft?

Lyft is an independent taxi service that hires people to use their own vehicles to drive passengers around. The passengers use an app to request a ride, and can be picked up and dropped off anywhere. Payments are made through the app, so there is no need to find cash to pay at the end of the ride.

How Lyft works: 5 Tips to riding with Lyft

1. Download the Lyft app

Search for the Lyft app in the Android Play Store or Apple App Store, and sign up for an account. It’s fast, it’s easy, and best of all – it’s free!

Download the Lyft app and sign up

2. Get precise pick-ups and drop-offs

Choose exactly where you want to be picked up and dropped off. No need to try to hail a cab in a crowded urban area, risking your safety in the process! You can even specify exactly where you are in a busy area; for example, “in the red section of the parking garage.”

Request a ride with Lyft

3. Know exactly who is picking you up, and track them

With Lyft, you are given the make and license plate of the car of your driver, as well as their picture, name. You can also see the rating that driver currently holds, based on reviews from other Lyft passengers. You can track their exact location as they approach you, and you will receive a notification when your car arrives. That way, you have the option of waiting inside until it gets there!

See your driver's details

Then just take your ride, and get out of the car. Your ride will be paid for by your credit card automatically. Make sure you rate your driver, and add a tip if you want to, using the app!

4. Get free rides!

Lyft offers many promotions, so always be on the lookout for these. Just for signing up, you will get $5 off of your first 10 rides within 10 days! You are also given a code that you can send to friends to get them to sign up. If they do, you’ll get further discounts off of your rides!

Invite your friends to use Lyft

5. Become a Lyft driver

If you like driving and don’t mind meeting new people, why not try driving for Lyft? You make your own hours, and get to be your own boss! You can work essentially whenever it is convenient for you, and you keep 75-80% of the fares you make. PLUS, you get to keep 100% of all the tips that you make, which are easily added to the fare by the user at the end of a ride!

Become a Lyft driver

That’s a brief introduction to what Lyft is and how Lyft works!