50+ Thumbtack Competitors to Complete Your To-Do List in 2024

By Kay FleuryUpdated on January 19, 2024

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Best for home renos

  • Most popular home reno alternative

  • Great for remodels

  • Contractors are licensed

Best marketplace exchanges

  • Access helpful community forums

  • Hire for short-term gigs

  • Find cheaper alternatives

Best general freelance

  • Contractors choose jobs they want

  • Quick tasks only

  • Find an cheaper expert

Best directory site

  • Reviews from real users

  • Evaluate local established businesses

  • Most popular review site

/AdsAs a local business owner, you are constantly looking for ways to generate more leads to grow your business. While one may argue how good or bad Thumbtack as a lead generation tool works for professionals, it does work as an all-encompassing marketplace to connect customers with professionals.

In this article, we'll cover:

Let us dive right into learning about Thumbtack and its competitors to find the right platform for you.

What is Thumbtack and what are the benefits?

Thumbtack is an online marketplace to shop for service providers in more than 1000 categories. Whether you are looking for home maintenance contractors, an immigration lawyer, or a salsa dance teacher, you rest assured to find a professional.

For freelancers, independent contractors, and small businesses, Thumbtack works as a great lead generation tool as they do not have to pay to create a profile and they only pay for the leads that they want to contact. Using Thumbtack credits which cost $1.50/credit, they can pursue the leads that they want to.

Here are some benefits of Thumbtack that you can enjoy and look forward to:

For a User

  1. Find and shop for service providers for all your needs in one place.

  2. Browse, read reviews, and view ratings before you book a service professional.

  3. Compare rates, chat with the professional to describe the scope of your assignment before booking.

For a Pro

  1. Free to join with no monthly fees to pay.

  2. Professionals only pay for the leads that they want to contact.

  3. Pros get $120 worth of credits as a Welcome Bonus.

Thumbtack pros and cons

In the following table, we weigh the pros and cons of using Thumbtack as a customer and for a Pro:


  • Free for users and pros to join.

  • One-stop shop for all services.

  • Works as a business directory and a booking service.

  • No long surveys to fill to see the pros in your area.


  • Large competition among service professionals since the platform is free to join.

  • The lead fee depends on the number of contractors who are in the race with you, at the outset you don’t know how much you are going to get charged for it.

  • Professionals need to have a niche to stand out in the crowd.

Now let us look at Thumbtack alternatives that exist in the market in either the same form or that operate differently, all towards the goal of lending their expertise to customers who need to get a job done.

22 best Thumbtack alternatives for home renovations and contractors

In a recent study by Research and Markets, it was found that the home services industry in the US is worth $85.7 Billion and this is only set to increase as homeownership increases with the drop in interest rates post-COVID and people having more disposable income to renovate their homes as that becomes their primary space of work and leisure. Here are some of the top Thumbtack alternatives that you can choose from for your next home improvement project:

1. HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor homepage

Image Credit: HomeAdvisor

Best feature: The platform has an average of 13 million visitors every month

Main services offered: Remodeling | Home Maintenance | Lawn Care

Availability: USA

As an online marketplace connecting licensed professionals and contractors to customers who need home maintenance services, HomeAdvisor is one of the most popular lead generation tools that service providers use. Professionals have to bid against competitors in the area that they service since leads are not exclusive and HomeAdvisor would use its expert knowledge and algorithm to assign the best person to the job.

2. Angi

Angi homepage

Image Credit: Angi

Best feature: Angi covers projects up to full purchase price plus limited damage protection.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Remodeling and Improvements | Lawn Care

Availability: USA

Angi has a user-friendly home service booking platform that allows homeowners to be matched with the best service professional for the job with just a few clicks. Customers can also read verified reviews before booking a pro and Angi performs background checks before getting a service professional on board.

3. Porch

Porch homepage

Image Credit: Porch

Best feature: Getting access to top local inspectors when you need a home inspection for a purchase or pre-inspection before listing your home.

Main services offered: Moving | Home and Auto Insurance | Home Maintenance | Remodeling and Improvements

Availability: USA

Porch started in 2013 with the intent to connect homeowners with high-quality home improvement professionals. With over 8000+ small and large contractors and professionals who use the platform to grow their business and improve their customer experience, Porch has now evolved into a vertex SaaS company with one of the best home inspection software solutions in the market.

4. houzz

Houzz homepage

Image Credit: houzz

Best feature: Click on photos to see details of products (and similar products) with a one-click ‘Add to Cart’ feature.

Main services offered: Home Photos | Design, construction, and remodeling Professionals | Online store for home fixtures and furnishings

Availability: USA | Canada

Houzz was originally built to browse and save beautiful photos of inspiring homes, which then evolved into a platform to find and hire design and constriction professionals. Today. Houzz boasts a large community of homeowners, design enthusiasts, and home improvement professionals around the world.

5. Adopt a Contractor

Adopt a Contractor homepage

Image Credit: Adopt a Contractor

Best feature: Find free resources from experts and DIY hacks.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Remodeling and Improvements | Installation

Availability: USA

Adopt a Contractor which is based in Miami, FL is one of the most preferred destinations that connects homeowners and qualified contractors nationwide. With their quick and straightforward solution, they match the best pros with customers who need the service.

6. 1-800Remodel

1-800-Remodel homepage

Image Credit: 1-800Remodel

Best feature: All contractors are pre-screened before onboarding.

Main services offered: Remodeling and Improvements | Home Maintenance

Availability: USA

With their price match guarantee, 1-800Remodel is a preferred destination for anyone looking to remodel their home or commercial space. They take the headache of sourcing different contractors and professionals and assemble a great crew that will deliver your project to the highest standard.

7. Contractors

Contractors homepage

Image Credit: Contractors

Best for: Visualize your ideas with their mood board.

Main services offered: Remodeling and Improvements | Home Maintenance

Availability: USA

Contractors.com is a premier destination for all things home renovation and improvement. They specialize in curating and bringing together best-in-class service providers and who create inspiring content that will ensure that your project comes to life just the way you imagined it.

8. Hux

Hux homepage

Image Credit: Hux

Best feature: Customers can buy discounted credit in bulk.

Main services offered: Remodeling and Improvements | Home Maintenance

Availability: Atlanta | Charlotte | Dallas

Hux is an online marketplace where you can find professionals who are prescreened (background checked and interviewed) for small and big jobs that you need help with around the house. With Hux’s easy-to-navigate interface, both professionals and customers can instantly book an available appointment and pay and top securely through the platform.

9. Service Whale

ServiceWhale homepage

Image Credit: Service Whale

Best feature: Homeowners can get custom quotes on big-ticket home services instantly, without the need for onsite visits from contractors.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Remodelling and Improvement

Availability: New York | Massachusetts | New Jersey | Pennsylvania

Service Whale aims to make the experience of home improvement shopping as easy as buying anything else online. Customers can request the service that they need, find the best pro who can do the job for them, and book it hassle-free, while contractors can preload their prices for the services they offer once and generate thousands of quotes through ServiceWhale completely free.

10. Super

Super homepage

Image Credit: Super

Best feature: In-depth scheduled maintenance to prevent small problems to arise and take care of the routine stuff

Main services offered: Home Maintenance

Availability: USA

Cost: Secure- $729/year | Signature- $869/year | Lux- $1399/year

Super is a subscription service that provides care, repair, and maintenance for your home. They have the best local service professionals who can deliver quick and effective home repair and maintenance at a predictable cost that is enabled by technology and takes the hassle out of home maintenance.

11. Handy

Handy homepage

Image Credit: Handy

Best feature: Buy home furniture with assembly included.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Moving and Hauling | Pick-up/Delivery

Availability: USA

Handy is one of the leading platforms that connect customers with top-rated home service professionals who are pre-screened and vetted. Along with having an easy and convenient 60-second booking process, customers can also shop from a wide range of home decor and furnishings.

12. Homestars

HomeStars homepage

Image Credit: Homestars

Best feature: Book pros with a Verified Badge indicating that they’ve passed a credit check, criminal background check, and are licensed.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Moving and Hauling | Decorators | Lawn Crare | Architects | Engineers | Carpentry

Availability: Canada

Homestars is Angi’s partner company in Canada that is a free service to help homeowners to find verified and community-reviewed home service professionals for their home improvement needs. Homestar instantly matches 3 pros to the customer who can directly talk to explain the scope of the project and read their reviews before booking their service.

13. Improvenet

Improvenet homepage

Image Credit: Improvenet

Best feature: Use the free Project Calculator tool to get an estimate of what you’d pay.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Home Improvement and Renovation

Availability: USA

As a lead generation tool, Improvenet just asks for basic details about the project and connects the homeowner with pros who call with their quotes. On Improvenet, you can also find inspiration for project ideas, DIY tips, and the latest home decor trends to perk up your home.

14. Homeserve

HomeServe homepage

Image Credit: Homeserve

Best feature: Customers can call on the 24/7 helpline for an emergency to get same-day service.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | New Boiler purchase | Insurance for boiler, plumbing, or electrics

Availability: UK

Homeserve is one of the UK’s leading home assistance providers who provide coverage, new boilers, and repair services that one may have in their home. Customers are informed about their total project cost including VAT, and other taxes so that there are no surprises later.

15. Modernize

Modernize homepage

Image Credit: Modernize

Best feature: Find experts to build sustainable homes.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Home Improvements and Remodelling

Availability: USA

Modernize is a 15-year-old company that has a large network of trustworthy home professionals who are experts in remodeling and seeing through other home improvement projects from start to finish. Users can also find educational content to get inspired to bring their dream home to reality.

16. MüvzU

MuvzU homepage

Image Credit: MüvzU

Best feature: All in one solution to everything that you need to buy or sell your home.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Home Improvements and Remodelling | Real Estate agents | Stagers | Appraisers | Architects | Mortgage Lenders | Notary Services | Inspectors | Insurance

Availability: USA

MuvzU is an all-encompassing solution to your home maintenance, repairs, and buying/selling needs. Professionals can create their business listing for free, show up under up to 5 different categories and add coupons to attract customers.

17. Networx

Networx homepage

Image Credit: Networx

Best feature: Find only serious homeowners who are ‘ready to buy’.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Home Improvements and Remodelling

Availability: USA

Networx is a lead generation tool that helps professionals grow their home improvement business by getting project information sent to you in real-time via text message or email. Contractors also get to create their custom profiles to showcase their business to strengthen the brand that can help them win more jobs.

18. Pro Referral

Pro Referral homepage

Image Credit: Pro Referral

Best feature: Integrate Pro Referral’s service in-store while shopping at The Home Depot.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Home Improvements and Remodelling

Availability: USA

As a part of The Home Depot brand umbrella, Pro Referral connects verified professionals to customers who need any home improvement or repair services done in their home. Customers can compare different pros, read their reviews, ask any questions if they have, and discuss their availability before booking their services.

19. Pro

Pro homepage

Image Credit: Pro

Best feature: Get a detailed expert pricing insight at $250/project.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Home Improvements and Remodelling

Availability: USA

Pro.com helps customers connect with the best service professional for the job by collecting, comparing, and interpreting multiple bids from trusted general contractors. Apart from having a homeowner and Contractor log in, designers and architects can also create their profiles to get quotes for their client’s remodeling project.

20. Sweeten

Sweeten homepage

Image Credit: Sweeten

Best feature: Sweeten includes up to $50,000 of Renovation Financial Protection as a backup to the contractor’s insurance

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Home Improvements and Remodelling

Availability: USA

As a customer shopping for home improvement services, there is no cost that is applied for getting quotes and comparing bids from Sweeten’s curated list of general contractors. Customers get a shortlist of 3-5 contractors and have the option to meet any or all of them before booking their service.

21. BuildZoom

BuildZoom homepage

Image Credit: BuildZoom

Best feature: BuildZoom’s Premium consulting service helps homeowners to reduce risks and make informed decisions about who to hire and how to save time and money.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Home Improvement and Remodeling | New home building Contractors

Availability: USA

With over 4 million contractors onboard, BuildZoom is a preferred destination for homeowners looking to get any home improvement project underway. Once you tell BuildZoom the details of your project, they connect you with personalized matches after which you can connect with the contractors and compare rates, and hire their services.

22. Bloomchase

Bloomchase homepage

Image Credit: Bloomchase

Best feature: Unbiased reviews and undercover price research on local services.

Main services offered: Life Coaches | Cleaners | Photographers | Event Planners | Fitness Instructors | Home Maintenance | Marriage Counseling

Availability: USA | Canada

Bloomchase works like a search engine that can help you find experts to get things done. You can browse through all the profiles and contact the pro that fits your needs and book their services.

6 best marketplace sites like Thumbtack for peer-to-peer selling

The marketplaces listed below, keep it going as users post ads to buy or sell products and services. While you can find some great bargains, there is no standard for price regulation on such platforms, making it extremely important to stay safe while sharing your details with the other party. Let us look at some of these classified ads websites that you can shop from.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist homepage

Image Credit: Craigslist

Best feature: Find discussion forums categorized by specific topics to chat with the community

Main services offered: Jobs and short-term gigs | Apartments for rent or sale | Household appliances and items

Availability: USA | Canada

Craigslist is one of the most popular online classified and advertising platforms where you can find jobs, apartments for rent, and products in your city. Anybody can post a requirement or a service that they want to sell and the community can reach out to them directly if they are interested.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace homepage

Image Credit: Facebook Marketplace

Best feature: Access Marketplace for free using your Facebook login.

Main services offered: Jobs and short-term gigs | Apartments for rent or sale | Household appliances and items

Availability: Worldwide

As a social networking website, Facebook uses its location feature to connect members in the same town or city who want to sell goods that they don’t need anymore or are individual sellers making custom products such as furniture, baked goods, or services such as backsplash installation or dog training. Users can connect on their own using the Messenger feature without Facebook’s involvement.

3. Kijiji

Kijiji homepage

Image Credit: Kijiji

Best feature: Use Kijiji Central to get useful ‘How to’ tips.

Main services offered: Real Estate | Auto | Jobs, and services

Availability: Canada | Hong Kong | Italy | Taiwan

Kijiji is Canada’s largest classified platform allowing users to connect with each other to buy and sell products and services in a wide range of categories that include cars, household appliances, apartments, and find jobs. On Kijiji, you can easily find local service providers or tradesmen such as cleaners, childcare, landscapers, and plumbers.

4. Geebo

Geebo homepage

Image Credit: Geebo

Best feature: Scams and Shams page to educate users about common scams so that they are careful while talking to members of the community.

Main services offered: Merchandise | Auto | Construction Equipment | Movers | Tutors | Skilled Workers | Roommates | Apartments

Availability: USA

Geebo is a platform for users to post classified ads related to employment, houses for rent or sale, vehicles or to find local service professionals. With the ease to directly connect with people posting the ad on Geebo for free, the platform also had free resources that help users navigate through a transaction safely.

5. Hoobly

Hoobly homepage

Image Credit: Hoobly

Best feature: Connect with breeders and pet owners to give an animal a home.

Main services offered: Pets | Electronics | Home and Garden | Jobs | Musical Instruments | Real estate | Vehicles

Availability: USA

As a free local classified ads website, Hoobly is home to a million ads that are posted every day. Whether you are looking for clothes, accessories, gardening equipment, or jobs where you can work from home, Hoobly has plenty of options to choose from.

6. Gumtree

Gumtree homepage

Image Credit: Gumtree

Best features: ‘Save jobs for later’ feature.

Main services offered: Jobs | Household items | Vehicles | Apartments for rent

Availability: UK

As one of the most widely searched classified ads websites in the UK, Gumtree connects buyers and sellers and even allows them to get in touch via phone. Users can also share their ads on social media for a wider reach.

5 best Thumbtack alternatives for freelance workers in all industries

If you enjoy flexibility in your work-life, then check out these tools listed below that you can use to fill up those gaps in your schedule and earn some extra income.

1. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit homepage

Image Credit: TaskRabbit

Best feature: Contractors have the freedom to choose the jobs they want to work.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Moving and Hauling

Availability: USA | UK | Canada | France | Germany | Spain | Portugal | Italy

TaskRabbit is a great lead generation tool for home service professionals who are looking for short-term or quick tasks that take no more than a couple of hours. While you’d be able to find more independent contractors or businesses, TaskRabbit helps users accomplish their home projects and get help around the house with ease.

2. Jiffy

Jiffy homepage

Image Credit: Jiffy

Best feature: Get a response from a pro within 10 minutes

Main services offered: Home Maintenance

Availability: Canada

Jiffy makes shopping for home services done at transparent and affordable rates. Since all professionals on Jiffy are licensed, background checked and well-rated, Jiffy guarantees a perfect experience or goes the extra mile to make sure the customer is satisfied.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr homepage

Image Credit: Fiverr

Best feature: Since all projects are delivered online, freelancers have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

Main services offered: Web Design and Development | Social Media Marketing | Animation | LogoDesign | Translation services | Voiceover work

Availability: Worldwide

Fiverr is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to make a career freelancing. It gets its name from the fact that ‘you can hire any service for as little as $5’ which looked like an attractive proposition to companies who didn’t have the resources to hire full-time specialists and could find talent on Fiverr on a project basis.

4. Upwork

Upwork homepage

Image Credit: Upwork

Best feature: Talents can access Upwork’s dedicated learning center to upskill themselves and get guidance on how to have a successful freelancing career.

Main services offered: Web Design and Development | Social Media Marketing | Animation | Logo Design | Translation services

Availability: Worldwide

As an integral part of the gig economy, Upwork boasts a large pool of talent who charge what they deserve and don’t believe in underselling themselves. On Upwork, you can find more than 5000+ skills across 70 different work categories for anyone looking who needs something delivered online.

5. Bark

Bark homepage

Image Credit: Bark

Best feature: Professionals are in complete control of the leads that they want to contact.

Main services offered: Home Maintenance | Personal Trainers | Photographers | Accounting services | Event Planners | Massage Therapists | Entertainers | Web Design | Social Media Marketing

Availability: USA

Just like Thumbtack, Bark has a wide range of categories that users can find professionals for. While users do not pay anything to search for a professional, as a service provider you can simply buy a credit pack and use them to contact the customers that you are interested in, without being charged any commission or hidden fees.

12 best directory sites like Thumbtack to list or find services

We have seen the evolution of business directories from thick and bulky books to web pages that contain more than just a phone number and an address, but they still remain one of the most popular ways to discover local businesses in the community. Here are some of the top directory sites like Thumbtack to find the right service professional for your project:

1. Yelp

Yelp homepage

Image Credit: Yelp

Best feature: Find the best and worst restaurants and local businesses with honest reviews from users.

Main services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: Worldwide

Yelp is one of the most popular online directories with over 90+ million members who visit every month to find restaurants, home services, and other services and have a 97% chance of making a purchase at a business within a week that they found on Yelp. Yelp offers personalized support to help your business page rank better and give you tips on how you can improve your page to gain visibility and thereby increase sales.

2. eLocal

eLocal homepage

Image Credit: eLocal

Best feature: Set up your free listing in under 5 minutes.

Main services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: USA

eLocal is one of the fastest-growing local business directories that relies on performance-based advertising. As a changemaker in the advertising industry, eLocal is the only company that offers businesses of all sizes a performance-based pricing model to support their customer acquisition plans.

3. Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages homepage

Image Credit: Yellow Pages

Best feature: Get quick support from YP’s team regarding your business listing to help you grow your business.

Main services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: Canada

As a business, Yellow Pages offers wide visibility to those looking for any kind of service, from home maintenance to photography or getting access to the latest in the food circuit in your city. As a user of Yellow Pages, you could also request a physical printed directory that you can keep handy.

4. Nextdoor

NextDoor homepage

Image Credit: Nextdoor

Best feature: Finding a solution in your neighborhood to help grow the community.

Main services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: Worldwide

With the aim to bring together neighbors to create a sense of community that you can rely on, Nextdoor works as a directory connecting local businesses, nonprofits, and agencies. Nextdoor has more than 276,000 neighborhoods globally with more than 52 million local business recommendations.

5. HomeFlock

HomeFlock homepage

Image Credit: HomeFlock

Best features: Contact past clients before booking a contractor.

Main services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: USA

Homeflock is a directory that has one of the largest databases of contractors in the US when you need to research residential home repair or need it for your commercial space. They also have information from sources including the state and federal licensing agencies for recent building permits that are tied to records of corporate history, employee lists, and owner information.

6. Judy’s Book

Judy's Book homepage

Image Credit: Judy’s Book

Best feature: Find the latest events and shows happening in your city.

Main Services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: USA

Judy’s Book is one of the most preferred destinations for businesses to get listed to build visibility. Users check out local reviews, recommendations, and deals from their peers to discover great places and avoid the ones that are not so great.

7. Insider Pages

Insider Pages homepage

Image Credit: Insider Pages

Best feature: Search for contractors based on the recommendations from your friends and neighbors.

Main services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: USA

Insider Pages is a local business directory where people can share their reviews and recommend services that they’ve used and can trust. Insider Pages has more than a million visitors every month who can get the Insider scoop on local businesses.

8. Foursquare

FFourSquare homepage

Image Credit: Foursquare

Best feature: Foursquare uses artificial intelligence to help users navigate through a city with their personal preferences.

Main services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: Worldwide

In the age of social media, Foursquare takes advantage of people sharing their experiences and where they go, and what they care about by making it easy to find it on one platform. Using location intelligence that flows seamlessly through the ecosystem, Foursquare helps optimize the user’s decision.

9. Consumer’s Checkbook

Consumer's Checkbook homepage

Image Credit: Consumer’s Checkbook

Best feature: They have unbiased reviews and perform undercover price research on local services

Main services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: USA

Consumer’s Checkbook is a nonprofit that helps its audience to find high-quality, fair-priced service providers in their communities without accepting advertising or referral fee from the businesses that are rated. As a subscriber to Consumer’s Checkbook, you can donate any small or big amount of money to help them do the work that they do.

10. City Search

CitySearch homepage

Image Credit: City Search

Best feature: Their rating system uses a combination of user and expert scouts who have used the service.

Main services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: USA

CitySearch helps its users make finding local businesses easy in their city. With more than 20 categories to choose from, the platform allows its users to actively engage with local businesses and easily locate the ‘best’ of a specific type that they are looking for.

11. The Real Yellow Pages

The Real Yellow Pages homepage

Image Credit: The Real Yellow Pages

Best feature: Find the answers to your questions under the Questions & Answers section of the website which works as a discussion forum for users.

Main services offered: Local Business Directory

Availability: USA

The Real Yellow Pages works as a local business directory giving you the flavor of your city along with answers to any questions that you may have. As a business owner, you can claim your listing and get your rating out of 100 to see what consumers are saying about your business.

12. Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle homepage

Image Credit: Merchant Circle

Best feature: Take a quick glance at the ‘Best of MC’ on their homepage to find what you are looking for.

Main services offered: Local Business Directory | Search Engine Marketing | Automated Marketing

Availability: USA

With over 2 million merchants and 100 million customers, Merchant Circle makes the discovery of your business easy. Along with just providing a business listing, Merchant Circle also offers support with designing marketing and email campaigns tailored to your needs and helps build landing pages and form submissions.

6 best other Thumbtack competitors

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, we hope the list below will help you find the right professional or the right platform to grow your business:

1. LawnStarter

Lawnstarter homepage

Image Credit: LawnStarter

Best feature: Book lawn care services in under 5 minutes.

Main services offered: Lawn care

Availability: USA

With more than 500,000 reviews and an average rating of 4.75/5, LawnStarter promises fully vetted professionals who ensure to deliver high-quality lawn services. LawnStarter works as a lead generation tool for small businesses that can access their bookings, feedback, and payments all on their apps.

2. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads homepage

Image Credit: Facebook Ads

Best feature: Access to over 1.5 billion active Facebook users.

Main services offered: Social Media Marketing | Digital Ads

Availability: Worldwide

Facebook ads are one of the most powerful tools to let your customers discover your business. Whether you are running ads on your own or through an agency, setting up ad campaigns to reach the right audience on Facebook is a very intuitive process.

3. Google Ads

Google Ads homepage

Image Credit: Google Ads

Best feature: Google’s search engine is used by more than 90% of the internet users which is nearly 4 billion users worldwide.

Main services offered: Search engine | Ads

Availability: USA

With the help of Google Ads, businesses can build visibility to direct potential customers to their website, since Google’s search engine sees a large foot traffic every day. You can control the budget that you want to spend, target your ads to reach your local customers, and pause them if you are booked up or are away.

4. Groupon

Groupon homepage

Image Credit: Groupon

Best feature: Find exciting deals to discover local businesses around you.

Main services offered: Discount vouchers

Availability: Worldwide

Groupon is a great way to find exciting things to do around your city and have new experiences if you are on a budget. With Groupon’s strong partnership with local businesses, they aim to connect customers to build a loyal and repeat customer base.

5. Wonolo

Wonolo homepage

Image Credit: Wonolo

Best feature: Wonolo has a 90% job fill rate from their pre-screened worker pool of 300K+ talent.

Main services offered: Connect seasonal workers to companies who need on-demand talent.

Availability: Worldwide

Wonolo is a staffing tool that helps businesses find seasonal or shift workers from their on-demand pool of high-quality local workers. Businesses just have to post temporary and long-term jobs 12 hours prior to the next shift and this is a great way for freelancers to find work immediately.

6. Staffy

Staffy homepage

Image Credit: Staffy

Best feature: Free to join for the talent with no monthly fee.

Main services offered: Connect healthcare, hospitality, and general labor to jobs that require their skills.

Availability: USA | Canada

Staffy is an on-demand platform that connects skilled workers to work available in the healthcare and hospitality industry and jobs that require general labor. Talent get to keep 100% of their hourly rate, while Staffy adds on a 25% fee for their service.