How Long Does FaceTime Ring?

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Are you curious how long FaceTime will ring when you try to call someone? In today’s article, we’ll be going over how long FaceTime rings, and give you some notes of other things you should know about your calls. Let’s start!

Facetime ringing screen

How many times will FaceTime ring before a call is considered missed?

The amount of time FaceTime rings when you’re calling someone varies depending on the reaction of the person you’re calling. FaceTime rings 11 times before indicating that the person you’re calling is unavailable, but if they are unavailable or decline your call, FaceTime may ring for less time.

11 rings is quite a bit of time to let your contacts answer their call, but let’s cover a few things you should keep in mind about missed FaceTime calls.

Notes on missed FaceTime calls

1. Sometimes people you call on FaceTime won’t answer your calls because they don’t have an Internet connection or their phone isn’t on.

If someone you’re calling isn’t connected to an Internet network, or if their phone is turned off, it might say they’re unavailable, and FaceTime will ring for a much shorter amount of time.

2. Your screen may also read “Unavailable” if the person declines your call.

If the person you’re calling declines your call, it will tell you that they’re unavailable as soon as they hit the button to decline your call. If someone declines your call, you’ll get the same message as if someone was unable to answer your call.

3. Try to be patient while waiting for people to answer your call.

Sometimes there can be a delay between when you call someone and when their phone starts ringing. Try your best to have patience when waiting for someone to answer your FaceTime call.

That’s it for this quick article about how long FaceTime calls ring. Head over to our collection of free FaceTime tutorials if you’re interested in learning more about the app.