Best 13 YouTube Channels for Movie Lovers

By Kay FleuryUpdated on May 29, 2018

Are you a huge movie lover? Do you like finding out about new movies, watching trailers, or seeing reviews of new movies? YouTube is an amazing place to do all of these things! Anyone can create a channel on YouTube and talk about pretty much any topic, so there are a ton of movie-related channels to watch.

If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading to find out about the best movie channels on YouTube. We’ll tell you about channels where you can see movie reviews and discussion, and even watch full movies on YouTube. But first, let’s talk about the best YouTube movie trailer channels.

Top YouTube channels to watch movie trailers

1. Movieclips Trailers

Movieclips logo

Subscriber count: > 11,000,000
Number of videos: > 6,500
Total views: > 8,600,000,000

The Movieclips Trailers YouTube channel features thousands of movie trailers and is updated frequently so that you can always stay up-to-date with upcoming movie releases. If you want to see trailers categorized by the genre of the movie, check out their playlists to see categories like Netflix original movie trailers, thrillers, dramas, and comedies.

2. Zero Media

Zero Media logo

Subscriber count: > 700,000
Number of videos: > 1000
Total views: > 980,000,000

Another awesome channel to watch movie trailers is Zero Media. Watch new movie trailers and see sneak peak movie clips of movies coming out soon. Similar to Movieclips Trailers, Zero Media also categorizes their uploads into playlists according to their genre, so whether you’re into fantasy movies, action, romance, or thrillers, you can easily find trailers you’re interested in. If you want to find out about new movies to watch on YouTube, Zero Media is a great place to make your “to-watch” list.

3. FilmTrailerZone

FilmTrailerZone logo

Subscriber count: > 580,000
Number of videos: >1000
Total views: > 680,000,000

Next up is a YouTube movie channel called FilmTrailerZone. On this channel, you can find movie trailers (of course), as well as movie clips, features, and other promotional movie content. Find out about new movies that are coming out, or watch clips of the highly anticipated movies you’re most excited about.

4. ONE Media

ONE Media logo

Subscriber count: Unavailable
Number of videos: > 1000
Total views: > 760,000,000

ONE Media is another great channel to find movie trailers on YouTube. Find the newest trailers for must-see comedies, action movies, sci-fi, and more! The channel has been around since 2006, and has over 1000 awesome movie trailers available to watch. You can even find trailers for upcoming Netflix original movies, and occasionally you’ll see trailers for exciting new TV show episodes for shows like Game of Thrones!

Those are our top 4 recommendations for YouTube channels to watch movie trailers. Now let’s talk about 9 amazing channels where you can find movie reviews and other movie-related discussions. If you love hearing what other people think about movies new and old, these channels will be perfect for you.

Best YouTube channels for movie reviews & discussion

1. CinemaSins

CinemaSins logo

Subscriber count: > 7,000,000
Number of videos: > 500
Total views: > 1,800,000,000

First on our list of movie discussion and review channels is CinemaSins. This channel has over 1 billion total views and is most famous for their “Everything Wrong With _____” videos. In these videos, CinemaSins points out all of the things they dislike about a particular movie, reveals the movie makers’ mistakes, and/or discusses things they think should have been changed. They have hundreds of these kinds of videos, as well as recipes based on things seen in movies, “What’s the Damage?” videos where they discuss (estimations of) how much money it costs to make certain movies, and more.

2. ScreenJunkies

ScreenJunkies logo

Subscriber count: > 6,000,000
Number of videos: > 700
Total views: > 1,700,000,000

ScreenJunkies is a movie-lover’s dream channel. They have hundreds of hilarious “Honest Trailers,” in which they create trailers for movies and do their own voiceovers to give you an idea of what a trailer for that movie would be like if it were to accurately/honestly describe the movie. These are really funny parodies of movie trailers. ScreenJunkies also has a series called “Movie Fights” where their hosts have debates about movie-related topics, and sometimes have showdowns between movies and argue their opinion for which one is better. They post new videos 4 times a week, so there’s always something new to watch on this channel.

3. ScreenRant

ScreenRant logo

Subscriber count: > 3,000,000
Number of videos: > 850
Total views: > 1,200,000,000

Next up is ScreenRant. This channel features videos about all kinds of movie-related topics. They create videos with lists of information about actors, movie trailers, plot holes, animated movies, and sometimes even TV shows. Find playlists on their channel to see video categories like Superheroes & Comics, Movie Mistakes & Fails, Film Theory & Documentaries, and more.

4. How It Should Have Ended

How It Should Have Ended logo

Subscriber count: > 7,000,000
Number of videos: > 250
Total views: > 1,700,000,000

Another cool movie channel on YouTube is How It Should Have Ended. The makers of this channel create fun, animated videos showing alternate, parody endings to popular movies. They post new videos every week, and if you can’t get enough, try checking out their sister channel, How it Should Have Ended KIDS for parody videos the whole family will enjoy. Maybe they’ll parody your favorite movie next!

5. MovieMistakes

MovieMistakes logo

Subscriber count: > 400,000
Number of videos: > 350
Total views: > 100,000,000

MovieMistakes is a YouTube channel that loves to point out bloopers, fails, and other mistakes that have made it into the final product of popular blockbuster movies. Check out their channel to find out about movie mistakes you probably missed while watching newly released movies. Their most popular video with over 7.8 million views is “10 Biggest Deadpool MOVIE MISTAKES You Missed.” What’s wrong with your favorite movie? Find out with MovieMistakes!

6. Couch Tomato

Couch Tomato logo

Subscriber count: Unavailable
Number of videos: > 200
Total views: > 14,000,000

Next on our list is Couch Tomato. This YouTube movie channel features reviews, fun facts, best moments, and more about all your favorite movies. One popular series this channel creates is “24 Reasons” where they do videos like “24 Reasons why ______ and ______” are the same movie. They also do other movie comparisons such as “Is Spider-Man: Homecoming Better Than All of The Other Spider-Man Movies?” and more!

7. Mr. Sunday Movies

Mr. Sunday Movies logo

Subscriber count: > 750,000
Number of videos: > 400
Total views: > 200,000,000

Mr. Sunday Movies is a great channel for movie reviews, deleted scenes, and cool “Easter egg” videos that reveal hidden messages, features, or inside jokes within movies and TV shows. This channel focuses on superhero, sci-fi, and comic book movies, but sometimes discusses other genres as well.

8. Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann logo

Subscriber count: > 1,000,000
Number of videos: > 1000
Total views: > 250,000,000

Chris Stuckmann is our next movie channel recommendation. Chris is a published author and is a certified movie critic on the popular Rotten Tomatoes website. He has hundreds of movie reviews on genres from anime to comedy to sci-fi. He posts new movie reviews multiple times per week and stays up-to-date with the newest movie releases.

9. Jeremy Jahns

Jeremy Jahns logo

Subscriber count: > 1,000,000
Number of videos: > 1000
Total views: > 400,000,000

Last but not least, we have Jeremy Jahns. Jeremy Jahns does reviews on tons of different genres of movies, and has been doing them since 2009. He has over 1000 movie review videos on his channel and uploads new reviews several times a week. He has a great sense of humour and aims to make his viewers laugh with every video.

How to watch full movies on YouTube

Movies available for purchase on YouTube

To watch full movies on YouTube, tune into the YouTube Movies channel, where you can find new releases and old favorites on this YouTube-run channel with over 50 million subscribers. The channel works like pay-per-view TV, where you pay around $4.99 to rent movies and watch them on your computer.

New movie releases on YouTube

The rental cost can vary depending on the movie, so though most cost $4.99, some of them are only $1.99, while others may be $12.99. Some movies will also give you the option to purchase and download a digital copy for a higher price.

Cost to rent movie from YouTube

Once you select the movie you want to watch and choose the whether you want to watch in standard definition (SD) or high-definition (HD) you will need to enter your payment information.

Enter payment information

When you’ve paid for your rental, you’ll be able to watch the movie you selected. Happy streaming!

YouTube movie playback

Tips for watching movie videos on YouTube

1. Keep an eye on your data usage if you aren’t watching exclusively at home.

If you’re streaming YouTube videos on-the-go, be careful of how much data you’re using on your mobile device. Watching videos can take up quite a bit of data, so try to watch them while you’re at home or connected to a public Wi-Fi network to avoid going over your data limit or ending up with high data usage fees on your phone bill.

2. Watch out for illegal stream scams with spam links or dangerous viruses.

Some people will post videos with thumbnails and titles that may lead you to believe that you’ll be able to watch the full movie for free on YouTube. However, because of copyright issues, it is highly unlikely that you will actually be able to do this.

For example, if you were to do a search for something like “Looper full movie” you will see results that appear to be legitimate at first glance. The video title, length, and thumbnail look appropriate for the movie you want to watch.

Full Movie search on YouTube

However, once you click on videos like this, you will likely come across something along the lines of “click here to watch the full movie” and a link to lead you away from the YouTube website. Our advice to you is to NOT click these kinds of links. They could result in you getting a virus on your computer, being hacked, or someone could be trying to scam you.

Full movie search scam on YouTube

3. Remember that everyone has their own opinion – and they all should be respected.

When watching movie reviews and other movie-related discussion videos, you’ll likely find that some people have different opinions than you on certain topics. Although it may be tempting to get into a discussion in the comment section or tell them why their opinion is incorrect, try to remember that not everyone is going to agree on everything. While most channels welcome and appreciate honest feedback, leaving hateful or overly negative comments isn’t very nice. Just click out of the video if you don’t enjoy watching it.

That does it for our rundown of the best YouTube movie channels. Head over to our free YouTube course to learn more about the website and how to use it. If you want to watch YouTube videos on your TV, check out this article to learn how to connect your computer to your television screen.