The Master List of the Best Fashion Apps for iOS and Android

By Kay FleuryUpdated on March 7, 2022

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Since shopping online became commonplace, it became easier and easier to get the clothes and accessories you need for your style from the comfort of your own home. The convenience of online shopping is simply unparalleled, and you get the products you ordered delivered right to your doorstep. Not to mention, making use of fashion apps that feature experts and bloggers can help influence your style, and keep you up-to-date on current trends.

We’ve got a master list here of the best fashion apps, both that make it easy to browse and shop at the same time, and those that can help you with your style. We’ll include information such as:

First, check out this short list of what you should be looking for in a style app! Note that some of the apps we feature are available for iOS devices or Android devices exclusively – but don’t worry – we’ll let you know when that’s the case.

5 things to look for in a good fashion app

  1. Shipping – an app that lets you shop within it, and offers affordable shipping is key. Often, shopping apps will claim unbelievably low prices, but then charge $40-$50 for shipping! Make sure you can get free shipping if you spend a certain amount, or standard shipping (for under $10).
  2. Convenience – think about how easy it is to shop around within the app. Does the app render images incredibly slowly, making it frustrating to shop? Or, does it offer you multiple ways to browse through items?
  3. Reviews – make sure the app you use offers detailed reviews for items they sell. When it comes to fashion, reading reviews of the products you want to buy before making the purchase is key. To know if the quality is the same as what is advertised, you’ll need to be able to read reviews!
  4. Cost – unfortunately, brand names and top designers charge an arm and a leg for their products – even though the cost to make them is almost as low as any other clothing production outlet. To make sure you don’t break the bank, find a fashion app that offers multiple options, and even lets you filter items by price.
  5. Industry experts – try to find an app that offers expert advice, and even information from prominent fashion bloggers. This will help you make better decisions about what you buy, and purchase things that will last you through the season!

Fashion apps for the everyday shopper

1. The Hunt

The Hunt logo

The Hunt is an absolutely incredible app that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. The principle is simple: you see something you want, you snap a picture, and the app helps you find it. Did you see Kim Kardashian wearing a dress you want? The Hunt can help! Simply take pictures and “Start a Hunt” in the app, or browse the latest and greatest trends and find where to buy the things you see and love. You can even filter by your celebrity style icons and buy the things they are wearing!

The Hunt website

Why it’s one of the best: You can literally find the exact items you want that you’ve seen out in the real world!

What you can buy: Virtually anything that’s been spotted in the fashion community.

Download it Now: Android | iOS

2. Mallzee

Mallzee logo

Mallzee tries to replace the mall for you, making your shopping experience more convenient. With only one-stop in this app, you get access to over 150 brands, can browse and shop easily, only need to go to one (online) checkout, and before you know it, you have everything you need! You can also customize your experience by getting custom feeds based on what you’ve viewed in the past, and you can sign up for price alerts on the items you love, so you can purchase them at the optimal time.

Some of the brands you get access to include:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Nike
  • H&M
  • Forever 21
  • River Island
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Zara

And more!

Why it’s one of the best: Price alerts on your favorite brands helps you save money without missing out on top-quality items.

What you can buy: Anything the 150+ brands offered is selling, including all types of clothing and accessories.

Download it Now: Android | iOS


LikeToKnowIt logo’s slogan is “Shop your screenshots,” and that’s exactly what you can do with this app. Similar to The Hunt, you can screenshot pictures from your favorite style influences, in Snapchat, Pinterest, or anywhere else. Then, upload them to the app, and it will find the items displayed in the picture for you. The difference here is that the items are found automatically by the app, rather than relying on others to find them for you.

Why it’s one of the best: You can find the clothes your favorite celebs and influencers wear, and buy them right away!

What you can buy: Any type of clothing (including shoes) you can screenshot from popular social media influencers.

Download it Now: iOS

4. Keep

Keep Shopping logo

Keep (also known as Keep Shopping) rings true to its slogan, “Addictive shopping.” With it’s amazing “Keep It/Toss It” feature, which lets you “X” or “check mark” items you like, so you can see more of what you want to buy. You can also sign up for sales alerts for the specific items you want, so you can buy them at their lowest price! Basically, you can look through the biggest items trending on the web, and then customize your experience based on what you like and don’t like.

Keep It Toss It app screenshot

Why it’s one of the best: “Keep It/Toss It” makes your experience totally customizable, while still showing you the trendiest items in the fashion community.
What you can buy: Clothing, accessories, and items that others like including home décor, and personal items such as backpacks or stylish water bottles.
Download it Now: Android | iOS

5. Spring

Spring logo

Offering over 1500 brands, Spring has a huge variety of items available for you to browse, including Coach, Michael Kors, Urban Outfitters, Alexander Wang, and more. They also offer personalized customer service, so you can connect and chat with a real Spring expert as you shop.

Why it’s one of the best: Spring offers free shipping, and free returns on all items, so you never have to worry about what you buy.

What you can buy: Clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products – for men, and women.

Download it Now: iOS

6. Stylect

Stylect logo

Stylect started focussing on shoes, but since then has grown, allowing you to buy much more. It has a “Look of the Day” feature that can help inspire your style, or a “Discounts” page if you’re looking to save a few bucks while shopping. Stylect will also make recommendations for you based on your likes and dislikes, which you can easily indicate within the app, choosing whether items are “Hot” or “Not.”

Why it’s one of the best: It offers choices from thousands of retailers, and will send you notifications when items you have “liked” go on sale.

What you can buy: Shoes, bags, accessories, and clothing.

Download it Now: Android | iOS

7. Amazon

Amazon logo

Amazon is one of the best online shopping resources you can possibly find, and offers great deals through their Amazon Prime memberships. On Amazon, you can shop for fashion, filter through what you want, and find great deals – you can even often get free shipping! Because Amazon allows sellers from all kinds of companies, you can get access to any of the brands that are making use of Amazon – which will be any big name brands!

Why it’s one of the best: Amazon offers low, competitive prices, and is often a place where big name brands sell off older stock for reduced prices in order to make room for their new seasonal lines of clothing.

What you can buy: Virtually anything!

Download it Now: Android | iOS

8. Stylekick

Stylekick logo

Stylekick offers you the ability to shop based on the things you see and like. The app features style bloggers and fashion experts, and lets you look at the items they are wearing that are available for purchase right in the app. If you follow a lot of fashion blogs and trend-setters, then this is the app for you. It’s like the Pinterest for fashion!

Why it’s one of the best: It features the biggest names in the style blogging community so you’re only looking at what’s trendy and cool – not browsing through endless items for sale from big brands.

What you can buy: All types of clothing and accessories, including shoes and purses/bags.

Download it Now: iOS

Fashion apps to inspire your style

1. Glamour: Ask a Stylist

GLAMOUR app logo

This is one of the most personal fashion advice experiences you could possibly get! If you’ve ever had a serious style question, or needed help knowing what was appropriate for a particular event such as a cousin’s wedding or a job interview, this app can help! Simply snap a photo of yourself, or of you with your outfit, and “Ask a Stylist” from Glamour. They’ll answer you with industry-expert advice, and make your life so much easier!

GLAMOUR Ask a Stylist app

Why it’s one of the best: You cannot top the personal experience you get with this app!

Download it Now: iOS

2. Stylebook

Stylebook logo

Stylebook’s intent is to help you curate your closet. It allows you to virtually organize your closet, and then get recommendations about what you should buy, getting access to thousands of retailers. You can create outfits with your own clothes, and play around with the styles before getting dressed! You can also track your style inspirations, to see what they are wearing, or even make a list for packing for a trip – all of your clothes will already be catalogued in the app!

Stylebook app

Why it’s one of the best: Because all of your clothing is catalogued, you can review stats on how often you wear things, and even use a calendar to plan what to wear in advance!

Download it Now: iOS

3. Chicfeed

Chic Feed logo

If you’re into fashion blogs, this is the website for you. Chicfeed combines photos and stories from top fashion blog websites including The Satorialist, Face Hunter, Jak and Jil, Cherry Blossom Girl, and more. That way, you can view them all in one place and click on the particular stories you want to read, rather than needing to visit each individual website you like.

Why it’s one of the best: Compiles your favorite fashion blog top stories – all in one place.

Download it Now: Android

4. FAD

FAD app logo

The concept behind this app is simple: it is the ultimate fashion term dictionary. Anything you need to know or don’t fully understand about fashion, you can have explained with this app. With over 1600 entries, learn everything you need to about topics such as fabrics, sewing, labels, retail stores, major designers, and so much more. It also runs offline, so you can always use it on-the-go as a reference!

Why it’s one of the best: It contains helpful information about almost any topic that could possibly be related to fashion.

Download it Now: iOS

5. Pose

Pose app logo

Pose, also known as the Instagram of fashion, helps you celebrate unique style. While browsing, you can check out the clothing your style icons are wearing, and get access to purchased those outfits you love. You also get to see prices for the items right away, so it’s apparent what you’re getting yourself into. You can even get access to purchase quality pre-owned and vintage clothing items from other users, including style bloggers!

Why it’s one of the best: It offers you a more unique selection to browse through, rather than endless pages of high-end brand offerings.

Download it Now: Android

6. Lyst

Lyst app logo

Lyst works as an online fashion retailer that compares prices from around the world to get you the best deals on men’s and women’s fashion. You can save items for later, get price alerts for when prices drop, and receive alerts for when an item comes in stock that previously wasn’t.

Why it’s one of the best: You get access to over 11,000 fashion brands, at some of the lowest prices you can find online.

Download it Now: iOS

Now you’re on your way to be a real fashionista. If you want to learn more about fashion, be sure to check out the rest of our articles on online shopping and getting amazing discounts online! If you’re into bargain shopping, check out this blog post on the best 19 websites like eBay.